Jack of all Trades – 124


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Using Presence Detection downward was just as difficult as using it upward. I could not do it. However, I didn’t need to. With Night Eyes, I could see the movements of the orcs from between the trees. There were quite a lot of them, but I didn’t think I would have too much trouble. Thankfully, Surefire was with me. His arrows would find paths between the trees and catch their targets.

There were orcs both in and out of the forest. The further I went, the trees began to thin, and the orcs became more visible. Eventually, there were no trees, and I could see them fully. This was my battlefield. I drained a potion from my belt before the fight. My magic was replenished and I was prepared. The orcs below me still hadn’t seen me. That meant I could ambush them from this position.


I bring up a screen in my head through Jack of all Trades, Master of None. I was going to simulate the magic attack that I planned to do. It helped me visualize it. It told me how much magic I would need to activate it. While it was a visual feed, the information was broadcast to my brain, and my body understood it. And then I would be able to use the magic, just like the version of me on the screen did.

I gather the moisture in the air. Not just the moisture, but the mana as well. And with it, I create numerous Ice Arrows. Of course, they were directed downward.


This was magic and it was a skill. A skill that used Ice Arrows. I decided to name it. And I had hopes that even Daniela would not make fun of this name. Not much thought went into it, but surely she would be satisfied.


“I will call you, Icicle Rain.”


As the name implied, these arrows would fall like rain. The rain of ice arrows now fell. The countless arrows came down over the heads of the orcs, and the scene below me was pandemonium. I was almost scared of what I had done. Not a single orc that was within range of my arrows was safe. With my greatsword in hand, I landed on the ground and plunged the sword into the back of an orc who had survived.

Of course, this was not all of them. There were many more. The orcs that were alive were glaring at me and howling. There were a few orcs who appeared to be leaders. They swung swords instead of clubs as they roared at the others to attack. The leader orcs were not green in color, but blue. No, a pale, ash-like color. Perhaps they were usually a more vibrant blue, but the battlefield was full of dust.

The green soldiers followed their orders and came rushing towards me, but they sunk to the ground as corpses with every swing of my sword. They came from behind as well, but in most cases, my sword split them open without our weapons clanging against each other even once.




I cut down orcs, and whenever there was an attack that I felt like I wouldn’t be able to dodge, I created an Ice Shield to block it. After that, I executed a good shield bash and then attacked while they were stunned.


Their numbers had gone down a little now. The corpses that lay at my feet were hindering me. I used Legs of the Forest Wolf to step on air, ignoring the terrain as I moved forward. All the while cutting the orcs that I passed and decreasing their count. The orcs could not follow my speed and so their attacks never had a chance of landing.


Still, no matter how many I killed, they seemed to keep coming. I didn’t know how many there were, but I felt that I must have killed two hundred alone. Finally, one of the orc leaders seemed to have lost his patience, as he stopped barking out orders and rushed towards me with his sword. The sword was visibly old and in terrible shape. It seemed like it would be better used for clobbering than cutting. However, it never had a chance to do either, as his arm and head went flying in the air.

The blue blood sprayed out from the blue body, and I remembered just how warm it was as it splattered on my cheek. Things were getting loud behind me. It was probably the men that Virgil had sent. I used Presence Detection…there were six of them. So that was seven including me. Perhaps we could take on the settlement with these numbers.

Even after killing an orc leader, there did not seem to be much difference; much chaos. After all, they had been doing little but advancing, to begin with. And I was here to prevent that. And while I had brought their numbers down a little, there were still many more. We would be able to kill much faster as a group of seven. This would be the climax of this moonlit battle.

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