Jack of all Trades – 125

When Faces and Names Don’t Match


“Hey, hey. Have we arrived too late?”


A somewhat rough looking, slender man was walking as he dragged an orc corpse and glared.

He had the look of a sadistic thug.


“This is…astounding.”


This was muttered by a woman with white hair. She reminded me of a school prefect.


“Damn it. I rushed here by Virgil’s orders. And for nothing!”


Said a girl who carried a large axe.


“Indeed, it seems like we might as well have not come… Surely he can deal with it alone…? What a waste of time…”


Said a sharp-tongued woman as she sighed. She was the gothic lolita type.




And there was a large man who remained silent. He seemed like the kind of brute who would rather fight with his fists.


The last person in the group was a handsome woman. Daniela.

They were the group that Virgil had sent. I thanked them for coming all this way before saying:


“Well, aren’t you a colorful group of characters!”


Of course, I didn’t include Daniela in that observation.


  □   □   □   □


I had assumed that things would move much more quickly with these six additions, but that wasn’t really the case. They orcs had struggled enough when I was their only enemy, and now there were more of us. The orcs started to retreat when they saw this, and we had to chase them as they frantically fled to the other side of the valley. The orcs had prepared a new bridge by bringing several logs. This time it was much wider, and it was evident that it was prepared so that they could attack in much larger numbers than before.


“So, what should we do?”


Elena, the prefect-like girl, asked me. Well, I assumed she was, as she was looking towards me. But I didn’t have any authority here. It was Virgil who made decisions.


“Why are you asking him? It is Virgil who decides. Are you stupid?”


I was happy to have someone come in with the same opinion that I had, however, I did wonder if she couldn’t speak a little less venomously. Of course, I was talking about Beatrice, who was the gothic lolita one. She was currently twirling a black parasol over her head. It was a moonlit night.


“Well, let’s return then. Come on, Drake.”


The sadistic thug, also known as Dante, was silently obeyed by the large man called Drake.

Having so many newcomers at once made it difficult to keep track of things… But I suppose it didn’t matter, as long as I knew Daniela. Yes. That’s it. Daniela was everything.


“Perhaps we should just confirm the direction that they headed in.”


Charlotte, the girl with the battle axe, said as she stretched her neck to gaze at the other side of the valley. Then we all made our way back. Though, I too memorized the location.


After that, I took the rear as we walked through the forest. There were dead orcs everywhere. Cut, shredded, gouged, burned, buried, mangled… It was the kind of sight that I could only describe as a kind of hell. If this was their work, I might as well just hide in Daniela’s shadow like a cat and wait for this battle to be over. It was quite frightening.


“Hey, Asagi. You seemed quite capable on your own?”


Charlotte said to me, as she walked backward.


“Well, yes. Ultimately I was fine being alone. But I was glad that you all came.”

“Hah! You flatter us. But I don’t doubt your intentions. He’s a good one!”


She pointed a finger at me. I bowed slightly in thanks to her approval.


“But perhaps you could have told us in advance? I had wished to stay within the fort, but was forced to come out here. I would not have wanted to fight these filthy orcs.”

“Then why are you here at all? Wasn’t it to participate in this orc hunting quest?”


Elena heard Beatrice’s complaint and did not ignore it. She really was the prefect-type. She must hate things that she didn’t consider proper… But really, this had nothing to me. And so I silently wished them luck and talked only to Daniela.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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