Jack of all Trades – 125


“Daniela, are you sure that you should have left your magician group?”

“Aye, it is fine. I put a very capable person there in my place.”

“I see. Well, they must be doing well to be able to spare you.”

“Yes…I hope so…”


Even if she said it was alright, there seemed to be a little anxiety. She was even walking a little fast.


As the forest grew thicker, we got closer to the fort. The number of orc corpses also grew, and we could see how savage the fighting had been here as well.

There were several light-armored Adventurers cautiously moving in the area. Either they were searching for survivors or they were scouting. I waved a hand at them and they waved tired hands back.

It was bittersweet, but we were happy to see that they were alright.


Shortly after, the walls of the fort came into view. There were now thorns poking out from the walls. Strange. I would die if I fell on one of them.


“Hmm…it must be the work of one of the users of earth magic. It will be harder to attack the walls now. You won’t remain unharmed if you got close.”

“Ah, yes. It’s very intimidating to look at, but there is a logical utility as well.”


Well, they were rather extreme. These worshippers of Daniela. These methods revealed much about their personalities.


The entrance of the fort had two piles of orc corpses in front of it, almost as if a bulldozer had driven through the snow. We passed the bodies and entered the fort in order to rest. Those who saw us return waved to us happily. It was a bit like a triumphant return, and I felt quite good about it.

And it was with such feelings that I headed for Virgil’s tent, when an Adventurer ran up to me. It was Lauria, my first ever fan.


“Asagi, welcome back!”

“Ah, thanks. I see you’re also safe.”


Lauria laughed happily. A good girl.


“Oh, but you are drenched in blood again! Cleaning!”


Her magic cleansed me of the orc blood that was soaked in my hair and clothing. It really was impressive… Beatrice and Charlotte, who were walking with me, also widened their eyes in amazement.


“Thanks, Lauria. You’ve saved me again.”

“Oh, this is nothing. But more importantly, Virgil’s been searching for you. He’s in the tent with Angelica.”


With Angelica. That meant the search was to begin.


“Got it. I’ll go at once. Thanks.”

“I-I’m just delivering the message! See you!”


She said quickly and then ran back to her tent. An upright person. Perhaps having fans like that would help improve my bad reputation.


“Ohh…that was amazing. That magic.”
“It was… But she could have helped us too…”


My companions were still filthy. They looked at me a little reproachfully, but it was hardly my own fault. Now, to see Virgil. …But first…


“Thank you for coming. I hope that we can fight together again.”


I said. I had not been able to see too much, but they were all brilliant. Very skilled.

Elena’s abilities with the sword were so advanced, that some of her victims continued to run for a bit before falling apart. Beatrice fought with a spear, not her parasol, and pierced the hearts of orcs with precision. Not much needed to be said of Charlotte’s axe. But there were no orcs who could successfully avoid those heavy blows.

The Dante and Drake pair was also frightening to watch… the slicing, shredding, choking and bashing… They must have been fun playmates as children.


“Hmph. We were the most unnecessary reinforcements. But, well, I enjoyed it.”

“Yes. He was just as the rumors said.”

“You do not get called Silvergreen for nothing. I am quite jealous.”


They said. And I suppose it meant that we were on generally good terms now. Well, maybe not with Beatrice.


“I am going back to the magician group. I will see you later.”

“Yeah. Thanks, Daniela.”

“It was nothing. I belong in the place that you happen to be in. I was only returning.”


She said, then turned away. Ah, she really was so cool… Alright, I would have to continue to work so that I wasn’t an embarrassment as her partner.

I said farewell to the other three and headed for Virgil’s tent.

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  1. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    The “Jack of all trades master of none” ability probably means it helps him learn skills, but doesn’t help him master them. So far it doesn’t seem to hinder him from mastering skills.

  2. I’m starting to think the skill itself is the “Jack of all trades, master of none” and is like a mediocre teacher for whatever skill he’s learning but advanced stuff requires a dedicated expert to teach him, remember how his skill said something about 6/10, maybe 6 is the limit of the skill’s ability to teach and further requires the actual experts, either that or his skills actually cap there but he just hasn’t had a chance to notice yet as he has not learnt anything that would normally bring him up further yet.

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