Jack of all Trades – 157

Dragon Slaying




The head of the roaring wind dragon was now visible. I held Daniela so that her eyes would align with it, and she nodded.


“You can drop me here.”

“Alright. But take this with you!”


I handed Daniela the last potion that the old guard had given me. It was the magic recovery potion.


“How did you get this?”

“A certain old guy gave it to me. It’ll recover your magic.”

“Thank you. But I happened to get the same thing from a certain guy as well. And my magic has not run out yet.”

“What!? A guy!?”

“In any case, I will go now!”



I wasn’t finished, but Daniela let go of my hand. But I still had so many questions!


As Daniela fell from the sky, she created a jade wind at the tips of her feet, which allowed her to descend as if she were sliding through the air. It looked so cool… I might have to copy that.


“…Ah, I can’t be thinking about that now.”


I turned to see the glaring eyes of the wind dragon. Yes, it clearly recognized me as an enemy.

My sword was still stuck in its jaw. I guess those dragon hands were not capable of removing it.

I had thrust it in so deep and no manner of head-shaking would dislodge it.


“Hah! Try eating me like that!”


And so I slid down the sky…not quite as gracefully as Daniela, but trying my best. And then the dragon spread its wings wide. Was it going to fly?


“But first…!”


I increased the speed and closed the gap between us. The wind around my legs grew stronger as my surroundings blurred.

The wind dragon lost sight of me as it beat its wings but remained grounded. I was now under its jaw. My hands wrapped around the hilt of the great sword as I sent a rush of magic through it.


“I’ll be taking this back!”


This time the water blade cut through the upper jaw.





My body turned as I used Legs of the Forest Wolf to change positions so that the great sword was held behind me. Then I pulled with all of my strength. The blue blade would cut through anything, and it easily tore through the dragon’s jaws.




The dragon’s blood was washed away by the whirl of water around the great sword, and it returned cleanly into my hands. A torrent of blood gushed out of the wind dragon’s mouth as it thrashed in pain. I retreated in order to avoid being crushed, all the while, I was running simulations with Master ‘Jack of all Trades, Master of None.’


“No, that’s no good… Hmm…yes, that looks promising. Keep things simple.”


I ran a few more simulations and examined the results. Ultimately, I decided that there was no other choice. Yes, me and the Master always thought alike. Well, maybe not as much as Daniela.


The wind dragon stopped thrashing just as I had made my decision. I guess it was finished with that. It was a dragon after all, and an adult no less. Its once severed jaw seemed to be connected again. Was that a scab? There was a welt-like mark left where the cut had been. And the bleeding had stopped. However, this didn’t change anything. I would kill it.


“There’s something that every man needs.”


I held the great sword over my shoulder as I faced the wind dragon.


“Everyone needs one.”


The wind dragon looked at me and opened its jaws wide. It wasn’t the movement of a wyvern preparing itself to breath. The magic in its body was being gathered in its mouth.


“It can be one, or there can be many. I think that I prefer to have multiple.”


The green and silver wind swirls about my legs as I walk. I knew how to do it. The wind speeds up in an instant, creating such pressure that nothing could come close.


“A special move.”


A light flashed in the wind dragon’s mouth. At the same time, an ultra dense pressurized wind shot out like a very thin spear. It pierced through me.


Only, it wasn’t me. It was the afterimage.


Faster than the blink of an eye, I ran up into the air and over the wind dragon’s head. I watched the unleashing of the breath, only possible for adult dragons, as I moved my body in accordance with the answer I got from Jack of all Trades.


“‘Kamiyashiro-style, Swiftest Wind Flash’!!”


The flow of water was free. And ‘Jack of all Trades’ taught me that the water blade that flowed along this sword was also free. Controlling it, I could change the width of the blade. Thirty centimeters could be sixty. And then one-hundred and twenty. Even more. I could go to two-hundred and forty. And just as the blade grew wide, it also grew long.

I didn’t even know if the thing in my hands could still be called a great sword. But I held it below me as I shot towards the ground with a tail of green, silver and blue streaking behind me. Speed was the one thing I was always good at.

In a second, the sword cut through the thing between it and the ground. And like that, the wind dragon’s head was severed.


The head was launched into the air from the pressure of its continued breath. As it fell, our eyes met.


“Sorry about that. I have a habit of picking the most immature names for my moves.”


Was it surprised or was it uncomprehending? The head landed on the ground and rolled. A moment later, the rest of the dragon’s body collapsed to the ground.


“I don’t know, but I’m starting to feel like a protagonist.”


I muttered to myself as I swung the sword. The water flew off the blade, leaving the blue blade bare once again.


“Maybe I should think of a signature phrase…”


I said amusedly while searching for Daniela’s presence. She wasn’t too far away.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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