10 Years After – 126

Preparing for their Education


Milka’s eyes shone as she stood in the laboratory.


“Oh, you’re going to teach us?”

“Exactly. You can call me teacher from now on.”

“Okay! Thank you, teacher!”

“Good. I expect you to study hard.”


After that, I told Milka to bring the other apprentices to the laboratory.

Nia and Luchila came quickly.

Luchila was carrying Lord Gerberga.


“Mister Locke, what is it?”

“Is something the matter?”


And so I told them that Philly would be teaching them as a private tutor from now on.


“Since you were both raised in tribes, I am sure you have been educated already, but there are things that you should know about the kingdom of Mendilibar.”

“Yes. Thank you.”

“Do you mean it?”

“Well, it’s basically my duty to offer apprentices an education.”

“Thank you.”

“So you must call Philly your teacher from now on.”





Lord Gerberga answered as well.


“That being said, Nia is also an Adventurer, so she may not be able to join classes every day…”

“Yes, but I will try hard to learn as much as I can in the time I have!”


My apprentices were quite eager, it seemed. That was very promising.


Suddenly, I realized that it was nearly evening. And so we headed for the dining hall.


The laboratory was connected to the secret passage.

And you entered it through the mansion’s library.


And while we passed through it, I got the idea of using the library as a classroom.


“Perhaps I could have some desks prepared so that you could study in the library.”

“Oh yes, that seems like a good idea.”


Philly agreed.

Most of the furniture here was brought on the assumption that only one person would be using the room.

But it was rather large and had plenty of space for desks.


“If you need any stationery supplies, just tell me.”

“Hmm. I will make a list then.”

“And let me know if you require any books.”


I was now able to withdraw my funds from my Adventurer days.

And I had received ample reward money as well. So there was a decent fortune sitting there.


Philly thought about it for a while.


“Oh. I would like to bring some of the books from my house…”

“I can help you carry them!”


Milka said eagerly.


“No, you should start preparing for dinner, Milka.”

“Oh, yes. It’s nearly time! Alright.”


Milka dashed away to the kitchen.


“Since Milka is busy, I could go with you to the Marquis’s house and help you carry them?”

“Would you?”

“It’s only two buildings away.”

“Oh, yes. We were neighbors, now that I think about it.”


But then again, it was two houses, but these were the mansions of nobles.

So it took about three minutes to walk.


“Let’s go then.”


“I think you might want to hide your face, Philly.”

“You’re probably right.”


She wasn’t like Lord Gerberga, who looked like an average chicken at a glance.

It would be very troublesome if any of the vampires’ servants saw her.


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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