10 Years After – 126


And so Philly pulled a hood over her face before we left.

Nia and Luchila accompanied us as we went to Marquis Mastafon’s mansion.

Grulf, Tama and Lord Gerbera as well.


“Grulf. We’re not going for a walk. Stop running.”



He tilted his head to the side as he panted.


A guard was standing in front of the house.

He was probably sent from the royal palace.


Philly addressed him first.


“Good evening.”



The guard looked at the hooded girl with confusion and without recognition.

But then he quickly saw me and bowed silently.


I guess he knew all about me then.

He might have been sent from the privy council.


We then entered the mansion and headed for Philly’s room.

It was almost empty. Most of her stuff was gone.


“It would have been dangerous to leave books and records related to alchemy. And so they were taken to the palace.”

“I see. Then what are we supposed to carry?”

“Hmm. I was thinking about the books on the shelf over here.”


So saying, Philly went to the next room.

Here, there were a lot of normal books that had nothing to do with alchemy.


“Teacher. Do you want us to carry these?”

“Yes, Luchila. Thank you.”

“I will help too.”


Luchila and Nia were very eager.


“Well, books are quite heavy. I think we better put them in my magic bag.”



And so I held the bag open as Luchila and Nia brought the books over and put them inside.


“There are more over here.”

They also carried books from the Marquis’s study. There were several dozen in all.


“Hmm, how about this desk? It looks perfect for the library.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. Father and mother intend on buying new furniture when they return.”

“I see.”


I guess it was because the dark ones had lived here. It probably felt like bad luck now.

But I didn’t care about such things as long as they weren’t actually cursed, and so I was grateful for this idea.


And so we picked up a few desks and chairs that looked like they would fit nicely into the library, and threw them into the magic bag.


“Now we have plenty of teaching materials. And since we have desks and chairs, we can start studying immediately.”

Philly said with much satisfaction.


And then we returned home.

Grulf tried to start running again, and I had to hold him back.


“Grulf, you ran so much this morning already. And yet you still want to run?”



Not only had he been running, but he had gotten quite tired after it all.

But he seemed to be able to recover very quickly.


I thought about this as we reached the mansion and noticed that there were two people waiting for us in front of the gate.

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