10 Years After – 135

Kathe’s House


There was no use remonstrating her any further when she was feeling this low.

And so I went about gathering the medals and magic stones from the fallen vampires.

I also checked their weapons, just in case.


“Hmm. They’re not bad…”

“It’ll be about a million rucks at a store.”


Goran said as I inspected one of the swords.

Then he picked one up and swung it.


“Six swords. Six million. Not too bad.”

Eric said with a laugh.


“Kathe, take us to this trash can of yours.”



Kathe walked heavily down the corridor.

I walked right behind so as to be able to help at a moments notice.

This time, Eric took the rear.


Kathe was strong.

But in terms of experience in combat, she was even worse than Serulis.

And novices had to be supported.


“It was put in here.”

Kathe said as she put a hand on the door.


“Wait a minute.”

“Hmm? Very well.”


The surface of the door was burned. It was probably due to my fireball.

However, it hadn’t been disfigured at all.


“It looks like your palace really is strong to fire, Kathe.”

“Yes, I am scared of it burning down, so measures have been taken.”

“Even the Evil Dragon’s wind breath didn’t do anything.”


It had been very strong. So the building was incredibly durable.


“This door was definitely stronger than the others.”

As Kathe said, some of the other doors were slightly melted.


“So whoever built this palace must have intended for this room to be important.”

“Oh, I see.”


Kathe nodded.


“And that would suggest that whatever is inside is also unharmed.”


“Which means that there may be enemies inside as well.”

“Oh! That’s right!”


I listened. It was a very thick door. And there was no sound to be heard at all.

I tried using Magic Search.

Something was moving inside. I could tell by the size and amount of magic.


“There’s no trap. However, there is lock magic. And something is moving inside of the room.”

“A vampire?”


Eric said as he took out his Holy Sword.

I nodded.


“Two of them. They are probably Lords. And there are two magic machines as well.”

“I see. How fun.”

Goran said with a grin.


“Oh, no-no-no…”

Kathe said as she covered her mouth with both hands. She was such a coward, considering her strength.


“Alright, let’s go.”



I unlocked the door and threw it open.

At the same time, Eric and Goran burst into the room.




The alarms of the magic machines went off at once.

The two Vampire Lords tried to unsheath their weapons.

But by then, both of their heads had been removed from their bodies.


Eric and Goran had moved so fast that they could not even be seen.


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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