10 Years After – 162

Return to the Capital


And so I explained it to everyone.


“This isn’t Magic Learning. I’m just copying it after watching.”

“But that’s still impressive in itself.”


As we talked like this, Dorgo finished casting the spell.

And so the communication bracelets were finished in no time.


Magic technology of humans could also create such bracelets.

They were even sold in stores, though they were very expensive. But at least they were not rare.

That being said, human magic was not capable of making them this quickly.


“Mister Ruck. I would not mind at all if you used this magic to make more bracelets, if you find the need.”

“Thank you.”


Dorgo then gave the finished bracelets to Leea and the Grand Chamberlain.

Then he taught them how to use it.




Leea looked very impressed by it.

Her tail was wagging excitedly.


“I’ll contact you as soon as the enemy attacks.”

“Yes. Contact us anytime if you need help, not just when under attack.”

“Really? Are you sure?”

“Of course.”


After discussing it a little further, we returned to the mansion.

Eric and Goran went back to their work.

Kathe tried to skip her own duties, but Dorgo dragged her away.


And I decided to rest in my room for a while.

Only Grulf and Lord Gerberga were close by.



Grulf was resting on the bed.

He had fallen asleep in no time.


“You fall asleep so fast, Grulf.”

Perhaps he slept so much because he was still a wolf cub.



Lord Gerberga was perched on my lap.

I stroked his feathers and thought about the dark ones.


The dark ones were currently targeting the water dragon settlement.

It was very likely that they had succeeded in producing the Fool’s Stone.


And then there was this Most High King.

The vampires who had attacked Kathe’s palace had told me about him.

I believed this person was a vampire king who was stronger than any Vampire High Lord.


The Most High King’s subordinates had been raiding dragon ruins and had attacked the palace of the Wind Dragon Ruler.

The dark ones who were attacking the water dragons were likely also doing it under his command.


And then there were dark ones inside of the royal capital.

Were they all working for the same person?

In any case, there was a reason to believe that they had gotten quite close to the center of government.

It was clear that they had some influence on certain officials.


The dark ones had even taken over Marquis Mastafon’s house.

And then they had forced Philly to make the Fool’s Stone.

Villains like Kabino collected weapons for them and stored their forbidden ham.


It was clear that the dark ones inside of the city were quite weak compared to the ones who attacked the wind dragon palace. 

However, it was incredibly dangerous that there were any in the city, to begin with.

They must be using quite a few humans as servants.

But it was still a mystery as to why any humans would want to help them.





Lord Gerberga nibbled at my fingers.

And so I started to talk to him.


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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