10 Years After – 162


“Well, I don’t have much choice but to leave the investigation to the privy council…”



There wasn’t much I could do.

Investigations should be left to organizations that were good at it.

They were probably doing everything that they could now.


“I guess I’ll just concentrate on protecting the water dragons now.”


As I talked to Lord Gerberga, someone knocked on the door.


“Hmm? Who is it?”

“Mister Locke. Do you mind if I come in?”

“Serulis. Is something wrong?”


The door opened just as I held Lord Gerberga and stood up.


“I hope you have time… I wanted to ask if you would help with my sword practice…”

“Sure. Let’s go to the garden then.”

“Thank you!”


Serulis smiled happily.


“Grulf is… Hmm, we’ll let him sleep.”

I would feel bad if I woke him up when he was sleeping so soundly.

And so I left him and took Lord Gerberga with me to the garden.

It was times like this that I was thankful that it was very big.


I saw Nia and Shia on our way there.


“Nia. Serulis and I are going to do some sword practice now. Want to join us?”

“Do you mean it?”

“Of course.”


Nia was my apprentice. And an Adventurer.

I wanted to teach her.


“Oh! Can I come and watch you?”

“Of course, Shia.”

“Thank you!”


And so we went to the garden and Serulis’s training began.

We would fight with heavy wooden swords.


“Serulis, you have a natural aptitude.”

“Hhhh…hahh…thank you!”


While quite out of breath, Serulis swung the sword earnestly.

She was quick and steady in her movements. A definite improvement from before.


After a few more swings, Serulis’s sword went flying out of her grasp.


“Alright, next. Nia, come.”


Nia was still small but very good.

She also was a natural, and her movements were smooth, like many beastkin.


After Nia, was Shia. She too wanted to practice.

And then it was back to Serulis.


After an hour had passed, Serulis, Nia and Shia were all out of breath and on their knees.


“I don’t have enough stamina.”

“Mi-mister Locke’s energy is just abnormal.”

“I’ll do my best!”

“It’s going to be a long road…”


They muttered to each other.

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