10 Years After – 163

Grulf’s Walk in the Water Dragon Settlement


From the next day on, I decided to visit the water dragon settlement at least once a day.

I would take Grulf, Tama and Lord Gerberga in the morning and see how it was doing.

So it would include Grulf’s walk.

In the afternoon I could practice with Nia or teach Milka how to do magic.


It was now the third day since we started.

Today, Kathe would come with us as well.

Kathe seemed to have a lot of free time in general.


“Good morning, Ruck. I am so glad that you came.”

“Good morning, Leea.”


When we arrived in the water dragon settlement, Leea greeted us in the room with the magic circles.

She waited here for us every day.


“I am also happy that you came, sister Kathe.”

“You are such a good child!”


Kathe put her hands around Leea and picked her up.

And then she spun around.

Leea squealed in delight.

Grulf and Tama ran in a circle around them.



“Good morning Grulf, Tama and Lord Gerberga.”

After being put back on the ground, Leea petted each of them.


“I’m happy that you come out to greet us, but you don’t have to do it every day. I am sure you are very busy, Leea?”

“Hmmm. But I want to. Does it bother you?”

“No, it doesn’t bother us at all.”


Three days had passed and I had stopped talking to her so formally.

This was by her request.


When we left the room with the magic circles, the water dragons were waiting for us.

This was also quite usual.


“Mister Ruck! Thank you for coming!”


They said excitedly as I walked Grulf and the others.

The water dragons seemed to have a lot of free time.


“Do dragons not have to work?”

I whispered to Kathe. She replied that dragons did not have to eat much.


“Think about it. It would be a disaster if such huge dragons had to eat an amount of food that was proportional to what humans eat!”

“That might be true, but you eat a lot, Kathe.”

“That’s that. This is this.”

“Uh, no, it seems like the same thing to me.”

“You are completely wrong. Don’t humans eat even when they do not need to?”

“Well, I guess they do.”


Kathe had eaten food without paying for it during her first visit to the capital.

And she ravenously ate the food that Milka made.


But as it was not necessary to eat, it probably meant that she just did it because she liked it.

In any case, as dragons did not need to eat much, they rarely had to buy food.

And so there was less need to work.


We talked about this as we jogged and patrolled the settlement.

We were only jogging so that Grulf could get some exercise.


And then we took a break when Tama started to get tired.

While we rested, Grulf continued to play and chase after the water dragons.


“Leea. Have there been any attacks recently?”

“Hmm. I don’t think so.”

“Nothing significant. However, occasionally, lesser vampires have attempted to enter.”

Added the Grand Chamberlain.


“Please tell me more about that.”

“It happens once or twice a day usually. Two to three lesser or arch vampires will attempt to enter the settlement.”


The barrier would stop anything stronger than a lord.

But the barrier didn’t stop weak vampires.

And so the water dragons would have to deal with them personally.


“That’s quite troublesome.”

“Yes, they are a threat, but easy enough to deal with.”


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