10 Years After – 163


Lesser and arch vampires weren’t exactly worthy enemies for a water dragon.

They were like what cockroaches were for humans. They would die with one hit.

However, they were still gross and you did not like to see them appear in your territory.

And so it was uncomfortable to think about them hiding in the shadows.


Still, it wasn’t something to report to the princess every time it occurred.

And that was why Leea did not know.


“How do you know when a vampire has entered the area?”

“We use our eyes, noses and ears.”

“…I see.”


That was surprising, given how advanced the magic of dragons was.

But I suppose they were also good at detecting the presence of others.

Still, it made me a little nervous.


“Kathe. You can use invader detection magic, can’t you?”

“Hm? Do you mean the spell I always use on ancient ruins?”

“Yes, yes. Can you cast that over this entire settlement?”


“Is it difficult?”

“Yes, because this place is very big.”


Well, that could not be helped.


“Then I will do that magic.”

“Locke. You can do it too?”

“Well, probably. Leea, is that alright?”

“Yes, thank you!”


As I had Leea’s permission, I went around the outside of the settlement once again.

It was generally the same as Kathe’s detection magic.

You set something that would become a core for the magic around the settlement and then connected them all together.


“Hmmm. Very impressive, Ruck.”


Kathe said.

Then I made several bracelets that would ring an alarm if there was an invader, and then I gave them to the Grand Chamberlain.


“These should tell you if anyone tries to get in. But that doesn’t mean someone can’t fool it with magic.”

I said and told them to continue to be cautious.


“You will be able to tell which side they are coming from if you look at this part of the bracelet.”

“How… Thank you so much.”

“Thank you, Ruck!”


The Grand Chamberlain and Leea were very grateful.

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