10 Years After – 231

Teleportation Ambush


Kathe, Serulis, Shia, and Nia launched their ferocious attack on the Vampire Lord.

The Terminus Icicle attack I had unleashed had caused them to become half-froze, and there was no way that they could match their attackers.

They went down one after another.


While Nia was still young, she supported Serulis and Nia, occasionally dealing the final blow.

Grulf had had his tail between his legs until a moment ago, but he now had his fangs in a Lord’s neck.


I took a supporting role myself.

This included shooting magic arrows at any Vampire Lords that tried to attack Kathe and Serulis from behind.

As they were more powerful than usual, the arrows easily blew off the heads of the Lords.

And I wouldn’t allow them to turn into mist either. I slashed at them with the Devil King Sword.


“They’re still coming…”


The vampires continued to appear from the magic circle.

Still, most of the new vampires looked shocked when they saw what was happening on this side.

And that was to our advantage. I immediately shot them down with magic arrows.


“I will help too!”

Luchila said as she began to shoot out magic bullets.

It seemed that she had been watching my technique, and targeted vampires that were fresh out of the gate.

And they were quite powerful bullets as well. They would be able to take down an Arch Vampire in one shot.


But Luchila couldn’t take down a Lord in one shot. Still, they flinched, giving the others an opening to attack.




Shia, Nia, and Serulis never missed an opportunity. They expertly cut off the heads.


Now, all of the vampires that had been frozen in the beginning were dead.

Still, Grulf continued to fight bravely. He held them down with his claws and buried his fangs into their flesh.

Kathe rose into the sky where she could get a better view.

And then she would attack the vampire who came out of the magic circle. She used her claws and wind magic to shred them to pieces.


The vampires were also quite quick to change tactics.

With the exception of the ones held down by Grulf, they started to flee.

It was probably the right thing for them to do.


“They’re transforming! Don’t let them get away!”


I shouted once again.


The vampires tried to transform, even while Luchila’s bullets blew their heads off.

Kathe’s claws opened large holes in their bodies, and yet they still tried to turn into frogs and bats.


It would be bad if the transformation was completed.

That went without saying. A normal sword would no longer be effective once they turned into mist.

And so I did not let a single bat escape. Still, there were many frogs and bats, and they were all small.


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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  1. “While Nia was still young, she supported Serulis and Nia, occasionally dealing the final blow.”

    One of these Nias much be Shia, I think.
    Also, Nia is quite young, to be taking part in a battle like that.

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