10 Years After – 231




Lord Gerberga let out a loud cry from inside my jacket.

In a flash, several vampires that had been trying to escape now turned into ash.


“Lord Gerberga. Thank you.”



Lord Gerbera clucked with a note of smugness in his voice.

And then he poked his head out and looked around.

He repeated his deadly cry every time he saw a vampire that was trying to transform.


When battling against powerful vampires that could transform, having Lord Gerberga was a huge advantage.


I stood behind everyone. While fighting, I wanted to see if anyone needed help.


Kathe had been strong from the beginning. But the others had grown a lot since I first met them.

And while it had not been that fast, Kathe had become stronger as well.

Even Lord Gerberga’s deathly cry seemed to be stronger than it had been before.

They were a reliable group.


It happened just as the total number of vampires we killed reached 50.

A large vampire with incredible dark energy appeared.


Luchila immediately shot the vampire with a magic bullet, but it just burst on his face.


“What does this mean?”

The vampire glared at us as if it was nothing.


“It hit him square in the face…”

“Leave that guy to me. Luchila, you take the weaker ones.”

“Yes. Of course!”


While Luchila was shocked, she quickly pulled herself together and obeyed my order.


Aside from the large vampire, there were other new ones coming in.

Shia, Kathe, and Grulf took care of them.

Luchila focused on ambushing the newcomers while also offering support.


I kept everyone in my sight as I talked to the giant vampire.


“I’m glad that your plan failed.”

I smiled provocatively. But the vampire didn’t look at me.

His expression was full of suspicion as he scanned the field.

The battle was as vicious as ever. And it was also clearly going in our favor.


“Why isn’t it destroyed? Where are we?”

“Did you really think your stupid plan would work?”

“Bastard. Tell me what happened and I will spare your life.”


Apparently, he wanted information from me.

I had drawn information from enemies before, but had never had them try to draw it from me.

It was a new sensation.


“Know your place, bat. We have the advantage here. Why would I tell you anything?”

“Hmph. In that case, I’ll just have to turn the tide, won’t I?”


As he said this, the vampire came charging towards me.

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