Tensei Kenja – 12

Apparently, It’s Rare to be able to Tame a Lot


“…I’m bored…”


Nearly half an hour had passed since the start of the test.

And I had lots of time to kill.

Back on earth, I had so much work left even after staying up several nights in a row.


“Hey, did you find anything interesting?”


I tried asking the slimes.

Well, the slimes and I shared each others’ vision through magic, so there was no way they would know of anything.


“This leaf is delicious! Do you want some, Yuji?”



I had been wondering why the view from one of the slimes had been moving oddly. So it was eating leaves.


Unfortunately, I was not in the habit of eating unfamiliar leaves. And so I didn’t really like having them recommended to me.


“Be careful. I don’t want you guys to get sick after eating anything strange.”




…But did slimes even get sick?

I continued to talk with them to pass the time.


I was bored, but not tired.

After all, this wasn’t like back on earth where I had to stay up for two to three nights.


–And so a few more hours passed like that.

Then things changed suddenly.

The instructor had appeared in the vision of one of the slimes.


“Yuji. Someone is here.”


“Ah. I can see. If it’s not dangerous, stay there and continue to watch.”




The slimes were all stationed so that there were no blindspots.

I wasn’t sure if it the placement was the most efficient or easy to defend, but there were so many slimes that it was easy to create such a surveillance system by scattering them almost randomly.


And the instructor was walking right through them.

No, he sometimes hid behind trees or lowered his posture, as if careful to stay unnoticed. But the slimes saw him completely.

It was kind of…well, I felt a little sorry for him, because of all the effort he put into it.


So I decided to go and meet him as he slowly made his way here.

And when we were close enough that he would be able to hear me…


“Uh, about this test…do I just need to spot you? Or do I have to drive you back with my abilities as well?”


I said as I pointed a summoned sword at him.

I hadn’t pointed it at him because I intended to cut him.


I just wanted to show that I had a will to fight if it was necessary.

If it did come to an actual fight, I would probably avoid using a sword, as I had merely been lucky the last time I used it. It would be far easier to transfer magic to any of the slimes that were nearby.


However…it was not necessary.


“No, you just need to spot me. Oh, dear…I did not think that you would find me so quickly. And you didn’t even make a fire. How did you do it?”


“My slimes found you. They saw everything when you started to approach.”


I said as I pointed to a slime that was near my foot.

He hadn’t even noticed it.


However…I started to think that I wouldn’t have noticed the slime either, if I didn’t have Shared Senses.

Besides, they were quite small and nearly transparent.


And it wasn’t as if they attacked you or moved in a way that caught the eye. They just silently watched you.

It would actually be impressive to notice them in this dark forest.


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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