10 Years After – 178

Checking the Magic Tool’s Capabilities


And so I contacted Goran and Eric right then and there.


“Goran, Eric. I want mithril and magic stones. Can you help me?”

‘Well, I could help you. But what are you going to use them for?’


I explained it to them.


‘Oh? That’s good. The kingdom’s treasury can pay for that. Goran, I’ll leave the rest to you.’

‘Mithril and magic stones can be prepared as long as we have the money, so don’t worry about that.’


Adventurers brought magic stones in every day.

And mithril was often brought into town from the mines.


After this was settled, I returned to where Serulis was.


“Serulis. We finished making the magic tool. Try putting it on.”

“…Mister Locke and Miss Philly. Thank you. Thank you so much.”

Serulis was very happy. Her eyes were even brimming with tears.


“Serulis, I’m so happy for you.”

“Now you can come adventuring with us, sister Serulis.”


Shia and Nia said happily.

However, I wasn’t so relieved just yet.


“Serulis. Put the bracelet on and come out to the garden.”

“Huh? Okay.”


When we were outside, I had Serulis and Kathe stand side by side.

And then I cast an illusion on both of them.

This was to see how strong the mental resistance was.


“Uh…I saw a bear.”

“Hmm? Yes, there was a bear. I see. You cast an illusion, didn’t you? That won’t work on me.”

Serulis looked puzzled.

They had both seen the illusion, but they were not tricked by it.

So this at least meant that it had raised Serulis’s resistance.


“I see. Then what about this?”

I strengthened the magic a little by little. I wanted to see how far I could go.





I had to use all my strength to eventually succeed in scaring both of them.

This meant that it was just as hard to fool Serulis as it was the wind dragon ruler.


“There shouldn’t be a problem if your resistance is this high now.”

“Good! Thank you so much, Mister Locke!”

“Thank you for helping, Kathe.”

“It is a rare experience to be able to have Locke cast an illusion on you. I shall boast about it to Leea. Still, that was very impressive, Locke.”


“I am the wind dragon ruler. That means I have a stronger resistance than most. And yet you were able to beat me.”

“But it took me way too long, and I used up so much energy. I wouldn’t have been able to do it during a real battle.”

“Gahahahaha! I see!”


Kathe laughed happily.

Then Serulis said,


“Now I can finally join the vampire hunters.”

“Well, wait a minute.”


“You have to have Goran’s permission.”


I said as I connected the bracelet to Goran.


‘What is it? Locke? If it’s about the magic stones…’

“No, that’s not what it is.”


‘Hm? Serulis. What is it?’


Serulis explained the situation to him and asked for his permission.

Goran was hesitant at first, but ultimately gave his consent.


The next day, Shia, Nia, and Serulis left in order to meet up with the others of the beastkin tribe.


“Be careful.”

“I know. And thank you for everything, Mister Locke.”


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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