10 Years After – 178


“Your life is what is most important!”

“Don’t worry, daddy.”


Goran could not help but be worried.


I also called out to my apprentice, Nia.

“You be careful too.”

“I will!”


I was very worried.

I would have gone with them if we didn’t have to protect the water dragon settlement.


“Shia, take care of them.”

“I know. I will do my best.”


Once the three of them were gone, I headed for the water dragon settlement. Grulf came with me.

“Locke. I’m glad you came.”

“Thank you.”


As always, Princess Leea and Grand Chamberlain Morris were there to greet us.

I took Grulf on a walk as I listened to them talk about the attacks on the settlement.

There were attacks every day.


However, they were only attacks on a small scale.

They were mostly just strike-teams made up of lesser vampires. They were easy to drive back.


“…I think I will start staying the night here.”

“Really? That would be great.”

“We would be very relieved.”


The dark ones generally attacked at night.

This was because the majority of the dark ones were nocturnal.


Morris said,


“Still, why do they keep sending lesser vampires?”

“Yes… Perhaps they are searching for a hole in the barrier.”

“A hole?”

“The dark ones are not stupid. They know that they cannot defeat you regardless of how many lessers they throw at you. So it must be to gather information.”


So there was a main army hiding nearby.

Once they found a weakness, they would come in all at once.

And so that was why I decided to stay the night.


“We should inspect the barrier carefully every day.”

“We do check it, but perhaps there is something we have overlooked. I would be glad if you could help.”


After that, it was decided that I would help protect the settlement at night and return to the capital in the morning.

In the city, I helped Philly make more magic tools.

As the process had been simplified, all I had to do was cast some magic on them at the end.

Of course, they were still not as good as the one we made for Serulis.

However, it was still a great improvement for the kights that would use them.


And then I returned to the water dragon settlement at night.

I also decided to fight in the front, even if they were just lesser vampires.

I thought that I might learn something about them.


Life continued like this for a while and was mostly peaceful.

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