10 Years After – 78

Evil God Idol and the Missing Person Requests


Shia suggested that the pieced together fragments were from a tool used to summon an evil god.

If that was true, it was a frightening thing.


“It is an idol of the god of the dark ones. They put curses inside to summon it.”

“Does that mean the god of the dark ones looks like this?”

“Of course, I have never seen this god myself. But yes, so it is said.”


Seventeen legs and seven arms. And bat wings.

As the head was broken off, we had no idea what its face looked like.


“Something like this exists? The horror!”

Milka said with a shudder.

Indeed, this Evil God was most frightening.


“You know a lot, Miss Shia.”

“It is one of the gods that the vampires worship.”


As a beastkin wolf, Shia’s tribe were vampire hunters.

And vampires were one of the best-known races of the dark ones.

And so Shia was well versed on their culture and faith.


“Shia. Is this what the idol looks like after it’s been used to summon? Or is it before? Can you tell?”


This was very important. If it was after, that meant we would have to find a way to defeat the Evil God.

That would be harder than preventing it from being summoned.


“I do not know that much.”

“I see.”

“I am so sorry that I could not be of use.”


Shia said apologetically.


“No. We didn’t even know what this was, much less what it was used for.”

“Yes, Miss Shia. Well done!”

“No-no, I didn’t do anything.”

Shia said shyly, but her tail was wagging wildly.



Grulf was also quite excited, and he was wagging his tail as he walked around Shia.


We cheered her up for a while before Milka said seriously,


“So, who spread these things in the sewer then?”

“Really. I have no idea.”

“Yes, indeed. I don’t see what advantage there could be in spreading these things in the sewers.”

“Are they able to attract demon rats and make them bigger?”

“I do not know that either.”


Shia said she did not know.

But thinking about it, it did make sense that the curses and evil power could attract the rats.

And it wasn’t impossible that it caused them to grow faster.


“I think I will inspect the sewers again tomorrow.”

“Yes. You might find something. And it would be trouble if the demon rats started repopulating the place.”


We had killed all the demon rats that we saw.

And Grulf had sniffed around to see that there weren’t others hiding.

But still, that didn’t mean we hadn’t missed any.

And rats only needed a few survivors to start breeding again.


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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