10 Years After – 78


“Well, we gathered the Evil God fragments, so I don’t think it’s likely they will increase so rapidly again.”

“But, it hasn’t been confirmed that the Evil God fragments affected the sudden increase of rats?”

“Luchila is right. But it would be hard to believe that it was completely unrelated.”
“That’s true, but I’m worried.”


Luchila said uneasily. He was worried that the people of the city might suffer.

As if to comfort Luchila, Gerberga waddled up to him.

Luchila then picked up Gerberga and petted him gently.


Then Serulis suddenly spoke as if remembering something.


“Miss Shia. By the way, how did the missing person request go?”

“Ah, that is right. I forgot to tell you because of this Evil God idol thing.”

“Does that mean you have some information?”

“Nothing like proof or anything. I think you should consider it something like a basis for speculation…”


Shia said in advance, then she began to explain.


“So I looked through all the recent missing person requests.”

“All of them, huh? That must have taken some time.”


The royal capital was huge. And so was the population.

There was usually always about 10 requests.


“I only read them. Still, these requests have been increasing recently, so it wasn’t easy.”

“There were at least thirty, right?”

“That much? That’s unusual.”

It had increased by three times. That could not be a coincidence.


“I mostly checked the requests that were released this month.”

“Yes, yes.”

“Among the thirty-three people that had gone missing, ten of them were apprentices and servants for nobles.”

“That’s a lot. Which houses?”

“There were three servants from Marquis Mastafon, which was the highest number.”

“And the others?”

“All scattered. There were two servants from Count Markle’s house and Viscount Fria’s house. The others were all alone.”


Milka listened to this and said,


“In other words, we should be suspicious of this Mastafon person!”

“Hmm. Not necessarily.”

“Sister Serulis. Why is that?”

“There is not a large difference between three and two.”

“…I suppose so.”


Milka now agreed with Serulis.

Shia nodded and then continued.


“The real problem starts here. The people who disappeared were servants to different houses… But the houses were all in the same district.”

“Ah ha…”

“Houses aside, I suppose we can assume that there is something in this district we should know about?”

“Which district is it?”

“…The thing is, it’s this district, Mister Locke. Around your mansion.”


Shia said grimly.

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  1. Then this will be another huge controversy concerning the Royal capital. What a strange world.. Is what I wanted to say but guess what? Nothing matters in this world. Even if it is weird, it’s already named or labeled. That’s the gist of it. Lol 😛

    Well, thank you for this chapter! 🙂

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