10 Years After – 142

Luchila’s Situation


Eric returned to the palace after dinner.

His wife and children were waiting for him. He was apparently going to eat dinner again once he arrived.

I wondered if he wouldn’t get fat.


“Goran. You will stay with us, won’t you?”

“Ah, thank you, Locke!”

“Though, you should send a message to your house.”

“Ah, that is fine. I already told them.”


While I talked with Goran, Kathe kept glancing towards me.

She was expecting me to ask her to stay as well.


“You should stay too, Kathe.”

“Are-are you sure?”

“Of course.”


Kathe’s wings flapped happily.

Her tail was also moving.


Nia then rushed towards Kathe.

Her tail was also wagging.


“Miss Kathe. Let us go take a bath!”

“A bath?”

“We have a very big one.”

“Yes! And it is very nice, because I clean it every day.”


Milka said proudly.


“Master Philly, you come too!”

“Hmm. Very well.”

Philly agreed.


“That sounds very fun!”

“We can all go together!”



Shia and Serulis decided to join them.

And so all the girls went towards the bathing room.

Just then, Kathe turned to say,


“Are you not coming too, Luchila?”

“I-I am fine.”

Luchila said frantically as he held Lord Gerberga.


“But Luchila is a boy!”

Milka said with a laugh.


“Hm? Really? But I thought…”

“Miss Kathe can’t tell people apart.”


Milka said with amusement.

She couldn’t even tell humans and goblins apart.

The difference between men and women would be even harder to catch.


“Well, this is very strange indeed. I was quite sure that…”

“Oh, leave me alone and go take your bath.”

“But you really just smell like a girl to me.”

“…No I don’t!”



Luchila scowled.

Lord Gerberga shivered and looked around uncomfortably.

Milka’s eyes widened in surprise.


“Huh? Is that true? Is Luchila a girl?”




Luchila became frantic.

However, it was Lord Gerberga who seemed the most strange. Like he was shaken.


Perhaps this meant that they were hiding this fact.

I couldn’t help but notice this.






Lord Gerberga jumped away from Luchila and ran towards me.

Then he jumped into my arms.


“What is it? Lord Gerberga.”



Lord Gerberga shook his head wildly.

Maybe he was apologizing for the deceit.

But male or female, Luchila was Luchila.


“It’s really nothing to worry about.”

“…Yes, thank you.”


“Alright, Lord Gerberga.”


Lord Gerberga clucked with encouragement.

Then Luchila’s mouth opened with determination.


“The truth is, I was hiding the fact that I’m a girl…”

“Oh, is that right.”

“I had no idea.”


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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