10 Years After – 211

Making Magic Tools with Dragons


I decided to start making the magic tools on the following day.


After breakfast and Grulf’s walk, I, Mors and Kathe gathered together in a room in Danton’s mansion.

Luchila also came as an assistant. Grulf and Lord Gerberga were there to watch.

On the other hand, Shia, Nia, and Serulis were outside training with the children.


Kathe sounded very excited as she said,

“Now, where should we start?”

“Hmm. Before we start…”


I asked Kathe something that I had been wondering.


“Uh. Where is Mister Dorgo?”

The wind dragons were good with alchemy. And I had asked Dorgo to represent them.

However, Kathe replied as if it were not important at all.


“Hmm? You didn’t know that Father is not coming?”

“What? But I wanted the help of the wind dragons…”


It would be very difficult to make the magic tools that we wanted without the help of an alchemist.

If Dorgo could not help us, we would have to ask Philly.

But Philly was very busy, and I did not want to overwork her.

She was still growing, and therefore needed a lot of sleep.


As I pondered this, Kathe made a bold declaration.

“Leave it to me!”


Her tail was bouncing up and down in excitement.

She seemed awfully confident. But I was worried.


“Uh… Are you sure?”

“Sure of what?”

“It will require a very advanced level of skill as an alchemist…”


I did not really believe that Kathe had such skills.

That was my impression.


“Hehehe. Don’t worry. I have been practicing.”

“I see. …By the way, what is Mister Dorgo doing right now?”


If he wasn’t absolutely busy, I would like his help. That’s why I asked.


“Dad’s at the water dragon settlement now.”


“He went there to feel the spot that Mors left.”

“I see… I suppose that is a relief…”

“He said that you should leave it to him.”


Yesterday, Kathe had said that the water dragon settlement was fine.

The reason must have been that Dorgo was there now.

The defense of the settlement was very important, so there was nothing I could do.

That being said, why didn’t Dorgo and Kathe just switch roles? I could not help but wonder.

Surely Kathe would be very formidable as part of their fighting force.


“I see. So Dorgo left this job to you.”

“That is right!”


If Dorgo thought Kathe could do it, he was probably right.

I would just have to believe that Kathe was good with Alchemy.

And if it turned out the Kathe was useless, then we could have her trade places with Dorgo later.


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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