10 Years After – 211


“Now, now, let’s start!”

“I am looking forward to learning a lot.”

Kathe and Mors were quite enthusiastic.


I nodded. And so I started by explaining the purpose of the magic tools.


“I want to make a magic tool that can quickly detect if someone has had Charm cast on them.”


“But what about thralls?”

“The beastkin are able to catch them by sight.”

“I see. Yes, that’s true.”


Mors thought about this and then said,

“However, if you made one that could detect thralls as well, then you could use them in the palace of His Majesty King Eric.”

“Indeed. That’s right!”

Kathe nodded eagerly.


“Yes, you are right, Mors. If we can, we shall make it so that it detects thralls as well.”



Then Kathe took the materials out of her magic bag.

“Can you use this mithril?”

“You brought materials with you?”


I had been thinking of using the mithril that was in my own bag.

I could buy more of it later when I had to make the tools for the other mansions as well.


“I didn’t prepare it. Leea gave it to me.”

“I see.”


If Leea gave it, that meant it was a gift from the water dragons. Another way they showed their gratitude.

I would have to tell the chiefs about Leea’s gift later.


After that, we discussed the other details.

As expected, Mors had extensive knowledge of barriers.

And much to my surprise, Kathe also knew a lot about alchemy.


“Kathe, you know quite a lot.”

“Gahaha! Of course, I do. I studied very hard.”


According to Kathe, Dorgo had hammered it into her.

He was probably shocked at how far ahead Philly was in alchemy.


“Still, that’s incredibly fast.”

“Hehehe. I am a dragon, after all.”


Dragons could read very quickly. In fact, their brains also operated at a higher speed than most humans.

And so serious study led to quick growth.


Thanks to Kathe’s unexpected usefulness, our project moved along smoothly.

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