Jack of all Trades – 200

End of a Rumor


“Hey…you do realize how late it is?”


I heard a voice from below. And so I tore my eyes off of the night sky and looked down at the people on the surface. Mister Saragi and several guards were standing there. We shouldn’t keep them waiting…


“Good evening, Saragi. I see you brought a small party with you.”

“Idiot! The others are waiting in the abandoned village. Damn it. So you really did kill it by yourself.”


Saragi threw an arm around my shoulder while Daniela supported me from the other side. He then began to jab me in the ribs.


“Agh, that hurts.”

“Hahaha! I’m sure it’s just a tickle compared to what the Loup-garou did to you?”

“No, it really stings.”


He was targetting my bones, which sent waves of pain throughout my entire body.


“Hey, Saragi. Do you want to die?”

“I’m just joking… Look, there is a place where we can rest back in the village. Let’s go.”


I sensed something odd between them. Did Daniela have a grasp on some weakness of his…?


Daniela then helped me up onto a horse that was by the river. She then got up in front of me and I wrapped my arms around her. When I embraced her tightly, she turned her head and kissed me on the forehead.


“I’m glad you look well.”

“Aye. I showered in potions and ate street food to regain my blood and energy.”

“You are so much wilder than me.”

“You are too brittle, Asagi.”


Daniela said that I must eat more and become strong. Well, I did need to do one of those things. If I wanted to survive, anyway. Still, I was satisfied as long as she was next to me.


I had thought about it before, but this time, I had been so close to losing what was actually important. My indiscretion had invited the danger. But I fought the Loup-garou. Perhaps it wasn’t the best fight, but I still beat it. In that case, I had to improve on being able to kill things definitely and not letting my guard down until I was sure.


And so the adventures of Asagi Kamiyashiro would continue.


  □   □   □   □


A bonfire had been lit in the village and the area was filled with a warm glow. The night was cold, but the fire would make things comfortable enough.

We dismounted the horses and went under the tent. …Hmm, it smelled of something. But there was nothing there.


“First, your wounds must be treated.”


Daniela said as she looked down at me after I had taken a seat.



“Yes, Miss Daniela.”


A guard came in with a bag. So she was Kanatsuki.


“You must be Kanatsuki. I feel like you’ve helped us a lot recently. Thank you.”

“No, it is just my job.”


She smiled humbly. It was cute…



“Uh, it’s nothing.”


Daniela had a stern look.


“So, what are you going to do?”


I quickly changed the subject.


“I will begin treatment of your wounds. First, that left eye…”


She pulled out a sewing kit from the bag.


“I must stitch it up.”

“Wa-wait a second.”


She’s going to pierce me with that thing?


“Sorry. I don’t really like being pierced with things. It’s a pet peeve of mine…”

“But, your wound…”

“I know. Potions. Do you have any potions?”

“Miss Daniela used all of them.”



She did say something about showering in them… Did she take a potion bath?


I glanced at her but she looked away.


“I wouldn’t need that much…”

“…I shall go search.”


Kanatsuki bowed and left the tent. As we were now alone, I decided to press for answers.


“Showering in potions, did you?”

“I meant every word. I wanted to go and help you, but I had too many wounds. So I showered in them and rubbed them into my skin. They would not have let me come otherwise. I had to tear off all my clothes while riding the cart…”

“You did what! Weren’t you still outside!?”


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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