Jack of all Trades – 16

The End of the Uproar

Good news. Asagi Kamiyashiro can use magic. Ice and water. And a little fire too. I can’t believe it, this is amazing. A humble convenience store clerk like me can use magic. So, just how do you use it? You just think about it?

“What is important is to visualize it. The image created in your mind becomes fuel for the energy inside you and the phenomenon occurs. The chanting works as a kind of support to that. If you can visualize it well, you won’t even need to chant. Just as I have no need to.”

I guess there was no cheat for that. Magicians must have to work really hard to get to that point. I should give it a shot.

Let’s see… I’m supposed to be good with ice, so maybe I’ll try to cool the moisture in the air and lower the temperature.


I imagine that I’m emanating magical energy that spreads throughout the room. Then I rob the moisture of heat and begin to cool it.




“It’s cold.”

Oh. My breath had turned white. Success. That wasn’t too hard. Didn’t take too long either. This could be pretty fun if I could instantly create ice.

I thought about returning the temperature back to normal as I used fire magic, until my breath was no longer visible. Then I shut it off before it got too warm.

“You learn fast, Asagi. You can visualize things well. I think you should be able to use lots of different magic in no time.”

“I hope so.”

In fact, I was sure that this magic was affected by ‘Jack of all trades.’

As it was a power not visible to the naked eye, I did not see the typical split-screen inside of my head. It was hard to believe that I could use it so easily when it was my first time. And it was not as if I had any special settings as the protagonist.

Though, it likely meant that I would only be able to use very common spells at best. But I wasn’t about to whine. This was still magic. It was like I was in a dream.

After that, Daniela and I talked about magic until she slowly started to doze off. And so she went to her bed to sleep and I went to my desk to sleep. I suppose I was quite tired after all. Though, I didn’t dream that night.

There was something depressing about seeing the sunrise through iron bars. It did nothing to raise your spirits. It was as if I had been thrown into prison for a crime that I had no memory of.

Sighing, I stand up and stretch my limbs. Daniela was still curled up in her bed and sleeping peacefully. Seeing her sleeping like that, I felt justified in having given up the bed, and I smile. Now that my stiff joints were loosened, I was wondering what I should do next, when the door was knocked from the other side.


“Asagi? Good morning. Sleep well?”

“Morning, Russell. Uh, the desk was very comfortable, yes.”

“Hahaha, glad to hear it. Listen. We finished arresting all the men who harassed you this morning. They’ve all been thrown into a cell for now.”

“I knew you’d get it done.”

“Those men, we had to chase them all over town. Finally, they grew tired and we knocked them down and tied them up. It was nothing!”

He laughed boisterously. The captain was different from the rest. That guard last night could learn a thing or two from him.

Then Daniela stirred.

“Mm…what…is that noise…”

“Good morning, Daniela.”


It seemed like she wasn’t good with mornings. The sharp beauty from yesterday was nowhere to be seen. The only thing that was there was a sleepy-eyed, sluggish creature with tousled hair.

“Come on, get up. We should go and wash up.”


I take her hand and help her to stand up. We then headed for the well in the back that I had used when first arriving here. So it was pretty familiar.

After that, we visited Russell’s room where I told him that we’d be returning to the inn to have breakfast. Apparently, Daniela wasn’t staying anywhere, and so she accompanied me.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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  1. Pfft there’s a certain mercy in a death sentence than living the rest of your life in suffering with no escape. Kindness is thinking about others, but they are only thinking about their own ideals of what is right and wrong. That’s not kindness. That’s just pride.

    Well, i would have chosen the same thing as them though, but for a different reason. They can’t atone in death. They should suffer for it as long as possible.

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