Jack of all Trades – 16


“I’m sorry…I was going to look for an inn right after you left last night.”

“Well, it’s not your fault. I should be sorry for getting you involved in my business.”

“Don’t. The important thing is that we’re both safe.”

She said and smiled, the slothful creature of the morning that was in her, had now vanished.

□   □   □   □

I explained the situation to Maris at the Spring Wind inn. She was incredibly happy to hear that the men would not be bothering me again. Then I introduced Daniela and it was decided that she would stay too.

“I’ll give you a good deal as a friend of Asagi!”

Her usual acquaintance discount made it easy for Daniela to decide.

We ate our breakfast there and then head to the guardhouse. Though, this time it was not to the one near the southern gate. It was the central guardhouse that was facing the Adventurer’s Guild near the center of the town. This place had a dungeon where the bastard leader and all his followers had been dumped, so they could enjoy the night together. And now we had come to identify them.

We explained what had happened the previous night at the office counter, which was quickly related to Russell and we were led through. After passing several doors, we down a long hall that led to stairs going downward. The air suddenly became very chilly.

“Asagi, are you sure that these are the men?”

“Yes. All of them. They tried to harm me and Daniela.”

Behind the thick iron bars sat the adventurers, bound with rope and wearing the most bitter of expressions. I, on the other hand, felt elated. I liked this!

“Damn, what fools…hahaha… What should we do with them?”

“Uh, what do you mean?”

“I have the authority to send them to the gallows. These men drew their swords. If they were ready to kill, then they should be ready to die.”


To be honest, death for attempted murder seemed a little harsh from my point of view? Really. I knew we were in a ‘kill or be killed’ kind of world. But there were still sensibilities that I couldn’t quite escape.

“Is there any other way?”

“There is a system of enslavement for criminals. The mines at Mount Alessa in the south.”

I see. A slave system. As a twenty-first century being, this was also not a welcoming thought. But it was at least less final than death. Well, at least in my mind.

“Daniela. What do you think?”

“Indeed… I also prefer avoiding unnecessary bloodshed. If you agree with it, I think that falling into slavery would adequate.”

“Yes. I was thinking that too. Then that is our decision, Russell.”

“Understood. They will be stripped of their Adventurer’s license and through the compassion of Asagi and Daniela, be sent to labor at the Alessa mines for ten years.”

He faced us and did a sharp salute before grinning.

“You’re a kind person. But be careful that people do not take advantage of it. And come to me whenever you need help. Because I will always be your ally.”

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  1. Well he did bring the town fresh meat. In the form of wolves. Not to mention he was polite and had some funny stories to share. Let’s juat hope they don’t get in a conflict over Daniela.

    • Also brought them some fresh iron. In the form of random junk the goblins found (it is kind of impressive that despite how numerous they are, that so many of them are able to find random rusty weapons lying around… maybe they have a talent for sniffing out rusty things?).

  2. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Given the chance they would have raped Daniela, so I would have opted to execute them. People like them would most likely become a continuous threat.

  3. Their “kindness” comes with the footnote that mining slaves in both history and fiction are not expected to last ten years in good health. They could die from exertion, cave-ins or monster encounters. Or they could simply be wrecked by the ten years of slave labor and be incapable of continuing as adventurers after, leaving them jobless.

  4. Yeah, 10 years in a mine as a slave is a death sentence. It’s just not a nice fast clean one like doing the hemp fandango on the gallows. Then again, would be rapists, thieves and murderers deserve no better.

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