10 Years After – 225



I knew that a dark wraith attack would come soon.

However, I had not expected it to come today. I wasn’t even sure that the magic tool and reinforcements had functioned properly.


“Which tribe was attacked?”

‘Our tribe. But don’t worry. We were able to stop them.’

“That’s a relief.”

‘Mister Mors was with us. And the magic tool and reinforcements you added really helped us.’


So they had worked after all. That was good.

I took in a deep breath. So did Shia, who was listening beside me.


We talked a little more after that before cutting the connection.

Danton had to contact the other chiefs as well. He couldn’t waste any more time with us.

We would be able to hear a more detailed report when we returned to his mansion.


We hurriedly continued with our work. Just then, the chief came running towards us.


“We should listen to the report of the dark wraith together.”

“Thank you.”


The beastkin wolves all had communication bracelets that were connected to each other.

And so Danton was going to use them to explain the situation to them all at once.


Apparently, it was not just Danton. But several mansions had been attacked simultaneously.

Thankfully, they had all been successful in driving them back.


‘The enemy did not know about the magic tools or reinforcing of the walls. That is why the damage was so low.’

‘But it was also because they were just scouting.’


They were right, of course.

Had they really come out to crush the beastkin, they would have sent stronger enemies to accompany the dark wraiths.

The fact that they hadn’t, proved that they were just scouts.


‘But now that their scouting has failed, what will the enemy do now…’

“Either they will prepare a better scout team, or they will launch a real attack sooner than planned.”


I said while we worked. I could feel that the other chiefs were nodding at this.

Of course, it would be best if the enemy just gave up.

However, it was really too much to hope for.

The chiefs reminded each other to stay on their guard, and then the conversation ended.


By then, we also had finished with our work.

Shia looked relieved as she said,


“It’s a good thing that the bell doesn’t ring right when we finish installing the magic tool.”

“Yes. Because then we wouldn’t know if there was already an invader.”

“Indeed. However, this place has a high likelihood of being targeted. It could still ring at any time.”

“Then how come this place wasn’t one of the settlements that were attacked?”


Serulis said with a puzzled expression.


“Perhaps it’s because Kathe is outside?”

“Luchila is probably right! Kathe looks very strong.”

“Well, she is very strong.”

We talked about this as we left the mansion. We had to tell everything to Kathe as well.


Kathe looked very lonely when we greeted her.

As the sun had gone down, the children had all gone inside. So she was there all alone.


“Locke! So you are finally finished!”


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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