10 Years After – 166

Giant Evil Dragon


Grand Chamberlain Morris of the water dragons shouted.


“Please don’t use your wind breath! It will just spread the poison.”

“I understand.”


And with that, the now giant Dorgo attacked the giant evil dragon.


“Mister Dorgo! Please don’t wreck the terrain!”

“I know!”


But that was an impossible request when two dragons fought in earnest.

And Dorgo knew that very well.

But it was said anyway.



The giant evil dragon looked at Dorgo and roared.


Dorgo would only use his sharp claws, fangs and body.

He could not use anything else, as the water dragon settlement was so close.


They flew up into the air and slashed with their claws and rammed their tails into each other.

That alone caused massive shock waves that tore trees from their roots.




Dorgo shouted. The giant evil dragon had used its breath.

Dorgo made a magic barrier.

Unsurprisingly, Dorgo made a strong and very large barrier.

And it was more to protect the water dragons and the settlement than himself.


The breath of the giant shadow dragon was long. Cracks began to appear in Dorgo’s barrier.

It was all Dorgo could do to maintain the barrier, but now vampires were swarming around him.


And so I hit the vampires with magic when they got close to him.


“Thank you!”

“Please keep the barrier up!”

“Leave it to me.”


After that, I launched a volley of magic spears at the surrounding evil dragons.

They were very powerful magic spear. They would at least hold them back.




The evil dragons roared all at once.

Some of them had been pretty badly wounded.

Not just one or two.

Five of them had magic spears protruding from their bodies as they screamed.


“It’s because Dorgo and the water dragons had their attention.”


But the wounds were still not lethal.

Still, after doing this much damage, they would be easy enough for the other water dragons to deal with.

In the meantime, we had to do something about the giant evil dragon.


And so I ran in a straight line towards the giant evil dragon.

As it was in the sky, my Devil King Sword did not reach it.

However, I was a Sorcerer, so it didn’t matter.



The giant evil dragon saw me running at an incredible speed. Then it roared and shot its breath out at me.

It was its poison breath. However, Dorgo’s barrier blocked it.


“Thank you!”

I said as I launched my magic spears at it.

Ten at once. Fiver from the front, one on each side and three from the back.


The giant evil dragon seemed to have detected the danger.

It stopped its breath attack and went on the defense, creating barriers in an instant.



The magic spears smashed into the barrier and shattered them. They didn’t stop until they hit the fifth layer.


“It’s still not enough then.”


The giant evil dragon looked relieved that it had stopped all the spears. And that was my chance.

I cast gravity magic at it and pulled it down to the ground.



Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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