10 Years After – 172

The Plan to Raise Mental Resistance


In spite of my doubts, Shia smiled gently.


“It would be very reassuring to have your help, Shia!”

“Miss Serulis. Thank you.”


Nia also smiled.

Serulis was great with the sword.

She even wielded a sword that had been taken from a Vampire High Lord.

So no one could question her strength.


However, that wasn’t the only thing to consider.

Vampires had Charm.

Charm did not work on beastkin wolves. That was why they could hunt vampires as their main occupation.

However, Serulis was susceptible. All of her skills would mean nothing if she fell victim to Charm.


“Serulis. Wait.” 

“Mister Locke. Are you against it?”

“Vampires have Charm, after all.”


“So I want you to wait until I get the magic tool. Then you can go.”

“Magic tool?”


Serulis looked puzzled. She didn’t know.


“It is a kind of accessory that raises your mental resistance.”

“I see…they sell such things?”

“It is rare, but I should be able to find one.”


It was probably very expensive, but that could be taken care of.

The real issue was whether or not I could actually acquire one.

It would be good if I could. But if I couldn’t, then at least I would have delayed Serulis going.

Yes, it wasn’t the best way to go about doing things, but at least she wouldn’t die.


Serulis looked worried.


“But, isn’t it expensive?”

“Serulis. Let me tell something that is important for Adventurers.”

“What is it?”

“If something can be solved with money, then it should be.”

“…I see.”


Serulis seemed satisfied now.

You could not be so stingy when it came to raising your chances of survival.

That was the golden rule.


“Philly. Couldn’t you just make such an item with alchemy?”

“Hmm! You ask a very difficult question, Shia!”


Philly then thought very hard.

Indeed, it did not seem like it was out of the realm of possibility for alchemy.


“I can make the materials and probably get really close… But I think it’ll be very hard without being able to do the magic…”

“So that’s how it is.”

“Then Master, you could do the alchemy and Mister Locke could add the magic, can’t he?”


Philly heard Milka’s suggestion and then looked up.





Grulf, Tama, and Lord Gerberga were all looking at me.

Their eyes were full of expectation.


“I don’t have much experience with magic tools…”

“I never would have thought there was magic you weren’t good at, Mister Locke.”


I didn’t say that. I just wasn’t sure.

I was actually confident I could make something as good as the average craftsman if I knew how.

That being said, I did not.


“Maybe I should go to the palace library and do some research.”


There should be books from Sorcerers long ago.

As long as they were not forbidden or secret arts, anyway.

And magic tools that raised your mental defenses were not secret or forbidden.


I just needed to understand the principles. I was good at enhancing things for certain uses.


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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