10 Years After – 227

After the Battle


The chief came running out of the mansion at about the same time that we finished killing the 10 dark wraiths.

It took him this long because he was in one of the rooms in the far back.


“Mister Locke! What happened here?”

“A dark wraith attack. But don’t worry, we killed them all.”

“…I’m sorry that I wasn’t of any use.” 

“No, don’t worry about it.”


We had killed them so quickly that he never had a chance of reaching us in time to help.

If anything, I was impressed by his speed.


Kathe flapped her wings and wagged her tail as she flew towards us.

“I just finished my work as well.”

“Now you will be safe in the mansion even if there is another attack.”

Kathe was gently holding Luchila in her right hand.


“Thank you, Miss Kathe and Miss Luchila.”

The chief said with a bow.


“Oh, it’s nothing! I was just helping.”

Luchila bowed while still being held up in the air.



Gerberga poked his head out of my jacket and clucked at Luchila.

I think he was praising her for doing so well.


Serulis must have then realized that we weren’t fighting anymore.

“We finished over here! What about you?”

She shouted loudly. They were about 300 steps away.


“We killed all the lesser vampires.”

Shia said smugly. Her tail was wagging.


I had kept Magic Detection on even during the fight, and so I was aware of the situation over there as well.

Serulis and Shia had killed all of the lessers before we had finished with the dark wraiths.

While lessers were weak, it was still impressive that they did it so quickly.


“Thank you. Shia and Serulis. We just finished here too.”

“We’ll meet you as soon as we finish dealing with the bodies.”

“No, we can do it together. We’re on our way.”


I answered. But just then, I detected something small that I hadn’t noticed during the battle.

For a second, I thought it was a magic stone from a lesser vampire, but it seemed even smaller than that.

Lessers were weak monsters. But that was really just in comparison to other vampires.

They were actually on the stronger end of the spectrum when looking at all monsters. And so their magic stones held quite a lot of magic.


And that was why I didn’t believe it was from a lesser vampire.


“Kathe, what is that?”

I asked while activating Magic Exploration.

This was necessary to find out what was causing it.


“What do you mean?”

“Is there something here?”

Kathe and Luchila asked. At the same time, they also activated Magic Search and Magic Exploration.

It was quite impressive that Luchila was able to use both at once.


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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