10 Years After – 227


“Just in case, return to the mansion and prepare for an attack.”

“Yes. I understand. Please be careful.”


I told the chief before running on ahead. Nia, Grulf, Kathe, and Luchila followed.

Kathe was still holding Luchila in her right hand.


“Did you find anything?”


Nia and Grulf asked worriedly as they ran.


“I detected the presence of weak magical energy. I decided to find out what it is.”

“I see. You cannot be too careful.”



Nia and Grulf were still enthusiastic in spite of being tired.

Then Luchila said,


“I don’t know what it is. Where is it that you are detecting it?”

“Hm? That? Is that what you are talking about?”


It was so faint that even Luchila couldn’t find it.

However, Kathe was the wind dragon ruler, and seemed to notice it.


“Hmm. But, Locke, that is incredibly weak. It’s probably just some fragment from a magic stone.”

“No, it’s different. In fact, it’s because it is so weak that I’m suspicious. Perhaps something is being concealed.”



Kathe did not seem very convinced. She probably thought that I was being paranoid.

Well, it would be best if that turned out to be the case.


“Well then, I will go ahead and see what it is.”




Kathe suddenly increased her speed. Luchila was so surprised that she screamed.

I continued to run at a speed that Nia could keep up with.


“Kathe. What’s the rush?”

“We killed all the lesser vampires you know?”


Serulis and Shia looked worried as they removed the magic stones from the corpses of the lesser vampires.


“Locke has detected a suspicious source of magic energy.”

“Suspicious? It’s not a magic stone?”

“Locke says that it isn’t.”

“Then he must be right. Serulis, we should be careful.”



And so Serulis and Shia stopped gathering the stones and prepared to fight.

In the meantime, Kathe and Luchila got closer to the source.

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