10 Years After – 203

Drinks After A Bath


I got out of the bath in order to dry off Lord Gerberga and Grulf before drying myself.


“Lord Gerberga can’t shake the water off, so wait for a second, Grulf.”



I put a towel over Grulf and then started to dry off Lord Gerberga.




I didn’t want him to catch a cold, so I was always thorough.



On the other hand, Grulf shook the towel off and began to roll on it on the floor.

He was rubbing his body on it as if to wipe himself.


“That’s very clever, Grulf.”



Grulf wagged his tail happily.

Then Danton got out of the bath.


“I can wipe Grulp for you.”

“Thank you.”


“Don’t mention it.”


Danton dried Grulf for me. He seemed like he was used to doing it.


“Have you done this before?”

“Well, I had to dry Shia and Nia when they were younger.”

“I see. I suppose it’s the same thing.”


To the beastkin, a spirit beast like Grulf was considered a close relative.

Perhaps they treated their children similar to spirit beasts.


“Do you plan on having children, Locke?”

“Well, if I meet someone.”

“I could introduce you to someone? I’m sure many would want to have your kids.”


That was just the kind of thing a beastkin would say, since they didn’t have actual marriages.

However, in human society, there were many things you were expected to do before having children.

But to the beastkin wolves, it was a very simple matter.

They didn’t really care who would become the official parent.


“Thank you, but… It’s too early for me.”


I didn’t feel like having children yet. The battle against the dark ones was only getting worse.

I said as much.


The oldest chief who was drying himself nearby said,


“It is because the fight is getting worse that you should have children.”

“Do you think so?”

“I know so. You have to have children so you can die at any time.”


The beastkin raised children as a tribe.

So children were raised even if their parents died. They could trust their tribe to do this.


And the beastkin hunted vampires as their occupation.

It was a brutal job, and they knew that death could come at any time.

That was probably why they stuck to their system of raising children.

It was very educational to interact with races with different customs.


The rest of the men came out of the baths and we all went to the dining hall. Drinks were already being served.

The women chiefs had bathed while I was talking with Danton.


“Mister Locke. We started early today.”

“Come over here and drink with us, Locke!”

Kathe was drinking happily.


“Kathe, you shouldn’t drink too much.”

“I know. I know.”


Kathe was really a giant dragon. I wasn’t sure she could actually get drunk.


“Mister Locke, did you enjoy your bath?”

Shia said as she stood up and came towards me. She was here as one of the chiefs as well.

Her tail was wagging happily.


It wasn’t just Shia. Serulis, Luchila, and Nia were here too.

They were eating the food I had brought, along with the children.


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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  1. Yeah his house is full with wife potential. He actually only needs to crawl in their beds. None of them would throw him out of the bed…

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