10 Years After – 203


“Is Serulis drinking too?”

“No, no. Serulis and I are just drinking some juice.”

“I see. That’s good.”


It wasn’t good to drink when they were still growing.

Some of the children noticed me and came running.


“Mister Locke. Thanks for the treats!”

“Was it any good?”


I was happy about that.



Grulf sniffed at the children and licked their hands.

He wanted to play with them.


“Do you want treats too, Grulfy?”



They gave some to him, which he ate happily.


Lord Gerberga was perched on my should as I sat down next to Kathe.


“Well, Locke. You should drink some of this.”

“Thank you.”


Kathe poured me a cup.

On closer inspection, Kathe’s statue had been installed in the back of the dining hall.


“That thing draws a lot of attention.”

“I am very proud of it.”

“…I see.”


Danton said,


“It will later be moved to the Chief’s Hall with all of our other treasures.”



It was embarrassing, but there was nothing I could do.

The fact that it was made by the wind dragon ruler made it historically important.

It didn’t matter who the model was.

And so it was no surprise that Danton would treasure it.


After that, I drank and talked with the chiefs.

It was mostly about unimportant things.


After a while, Shia went to the children and said,


“It’s almost bedtime for you all.”

“What! I’m not tired!”


“You won’t become strong like Mister Locke if you complain like that.”




Shia led the children out of the dining hall.


“Ah, goodnight.”


The children said goodnight before leaving.



Grulf stayed and put his jaw on my knee.


“Don’t you need to sleep, Grulf?”


Apparently, not.


And then from the hallway,

“Let’s brush our teeth together and go to sleep.”

Serulis’s happy voice echoed.

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