Tensei Kenja – 62

It Seems Like I Can Use Special Magic


It wasn’t like the random attacks before. This time there was a definite intent to kill us.

As most of its neck was destroyed, the head swayed unsteadily, but still, the flames came right towards us.


‘Magic Transfer Barrier.’


I retaliated with a barrier.

The barrier sent the attack somewhere else instead of blocking it.


This barrier was able to transfer magic easily, even against Hellfire of Death, and so it was very strong.

Or at least, I thought it was–but I was wrong.


The Magic Transfer Barrier did not even last for 5 seconds.

I didn’t understand why, but the dragon’s flames had the power to destroy it.


–4 of my 5 barriers were smashed before the flames stopped.

I didn’t know if I should be horrified that 4 barriers were gone, or relieved that I was still alive.

Still, I had to get out of this situation or I would die sooner or later.


“…Anti-magic Barrier, Anti-physical Barrier…”


I brought up new barriers and tried to think of a different plan.

That being said, I couldn’t think of anything good.


I could either fight or run away, but running from something that flew so fast in the sky did not seem likely.

If I wanted to run, I should have done it before it started recognizing me as an enemy.


But on the other hand, I had no way to attack it with the Shortsword of Keshis.

And I didn’t think that there was any magic I could use that would kill it without using the shortsword.


I could just fling random magic at it and pray that something would be effective.

However, if Hellfire of Death was too weak, then it seemed unlikely that anything else would be enough to kill even a very weakened Blue Dragon of Delight.

If anything, it would just waste MP shrink my HP as well.


…However, I had no choice.

It was better than waiting to die.


That’s what I decided. And so I searched for magic to use and then chanted.

I didn’t care about attributes. Fire was its weakness, and yet Helfire of Death did nothing. So there was no point in caring about it.


I just had to drag the dragon down to the ground.

And then deal the final blow with what power I had left.


If I could bring it to the ground while I still had enough HP left, then I could win.

There was no time to lose. If I hesitated, I would be attacked that many more times, which would affect my chances of winning.


“Curse of Eternal Tun—”


I just said whatever came to mind first.

This one probably used a lot of MP.

Still, I had to use something of this power or I wouldn’t be able to knock the dragon out of the sky.


However–I stopped midway.

While I was chanting, an unfamiliar voice had rung in my head.


‘—You have met the requirements. You may now use ‘Heaven Strike’ for 45 seconds.


…I didn’t get it.

I don’t remember hearing anything about this skill before.


However, there must be some meaning to being able to use it at this very time.

And so I chanted without hesitation.


‘Heaven Strike.’


And just as I did–the sky cracked open.

And then rays of light rained down towards the dragon.

They were pushing against the Blue Dragon of Delight as if to smash it onto the ground.


And then the crack in the sky began to close.

And the lights grew weaker.


In spite of all flashiness of the name and visuals, all it really did was bring the dragon to the ground.

Of course, that was hardly enough to kill the mythological monster, and the dragon was still thrashing around wildly.


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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