10 Years After – 202

Bathing With Old Men


The bathing room in Danton’s mansion was quite large.

All of the male chiefs were able to fit in quite comfortably.


I took off my clothes and went inside. Grulf was patiently sitting down and waiting by the area used to wash yourself.



“Good. You waited for me.”


He was waiting to be washed. It was a good thing he didn’t dive into the bath first.

On the other hand, Lord Gerberga was following close behind me.

He rode on my shoulder while I was still clothed, but I had him walk once I took them off in order to avoid being pierced by his claws.


“Thank you for understanding, Lord Gerberga.”



I started by washing Lord Gerberga first.

Danton watched us with a worried expression.


“Should you really be washing Lord Gerberga?”

“You’re right that usually, you must be careful about washing chickens.”


Chickens took sand baths and did not need to be washed.

If anything, it was better if you didn’t.


“But Lord Gerberga is not an ordinary chicken. And he likes to bathe in order to relax more than to be cleaned.”

“I see. He is a God Fowl after all.”

“Grulf also likes to bathe every day, even though there really isn’t a need for it.”



Grulf tilted his head as he sat there quietly.

After a while, I finished washing Lord Gerberga.

He wasn’t actually dirty, to begin with, so it didn’t take long.


“Lord Gerberga. You’re good to go now. You can enjoy the bath.”



Lord Gerberga ran off to the bath.


“How’s the water, Lord Gerberga?”



The other chiefs seemed quite happy that Lord Gerberga had joined them.

I started to wash Grulf then.



He growled pleasantly.

I finished washing him and sent him off to the baths so I could wash myself.


Then I went and joined the others in the hot water. Danton said,

“You must be tired.”

“Yeah. But I’m used to having to wash them.”



Grulf looked very relaxed inside of the water.

And so did Lord Gerberga.

I myself felt very good.


As we took our time soaking in the water, one of the chiefs talked to me.



Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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