10 Years After – 17

Goran’s Problem


Goran’s lecture was a bit long.

Perhaps the fact that he was drinking contributed to its length.


“Do you understand? Goblin hunting is important, even I know that.”


“However, you could have easily left a word, told me that you were leaving for a while!”


Are you my mother!

I held back the impulse to shout back.

For now, I just wanted to change the subject.


“By the way, while it was just a goblin hunting quest for F Rankers, there was a Goblin Lord.”

“…There was? That is not good.”


Goran’s eyes locked on mine.

An F Rank party encountering a Goblin Lord would mean death.

But it was not possible to constantly prevent this discrepancy between rank and difficulty.

Still, this mistake could still be attributed to the rank setting of the mission.

And as Grand Master of the Adventurer’s guild, he might have found this a little embarrassing.


“Well, it was a good thing that I was there. The F Rank Adventurers are fine. I think it was a good experience for them.”

“That’s good. Thank you.”


It was experience as long as you came back alive.

And the harder the quest, the more experience you acquired.


“I only completed the mission that I was given. There’s no need for you to thank me.”

“Well, these F Rank Adventurers are the future of the guild. As Grand Master, of course, I would thank you for saving them.”


Goran really was serious about these things.


“On to the main issue, that Goblin Lord was only a minion.”

“A what?”

“There was a Vampire Lord deep in the nest.”



Goran was at a loss for words.

Vampire Lords were typically hunting targets for B or even A Rank Adventurers.

If you went about it the wrong way, it could result in the destruction of an entire town.


“…Thank you for killing it.”


The first thing that Goran did when he returned to himself, was to thank me.

I hadn’t made any such report, but he decided that that was the outcome.

That was how much trust he had in me.


“Well, I did kill it…but I have to tell you the details of what happened.”


Goran’s eyes narrowed at this.

His gaze was so sharp, that it was hard to believe that he had been drinking.


I told him everything, including what I heard from Shia.


“And here is the medal. Half of it, anyway.”

“I would like it to be inspected by professionals. May I borrow it?”

“I don’t mind.”


Goran picked the medal up and stared at it.


“What material is this?”

“It looks like gold, but is not gold.”

“It’s not orichalcum or mithril. As a Sorcerer, do you have a clue?”

“Not at all. Maybe an alchemist would know.”


Goran put the medal on top of his desk.


“What that vampire hunter girl said about there being a god of the dark ones, it is all true.”

“Goran, you know about it?”

“About that…”


Goran started casually.

10 years ago. We thought that the attack of the Devil King was not just a vanguard, but the invasion of the main army.


“It’s been 10 years. Did you really think that Eric and I would not have done some research?”

“…That’s true.”


Goran explained.


Goran and Eric had been looking for a way to reenter the place between dimensions.

And in the process, they had learned things about what lay beyond it.


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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