10 Years After – 17


They knew that there was a god of the dark ones, and that the Devil King was only the beginning.

I was impressed with their investigation.


“But we didn’t know that the vampires were up to such things.”

“What about using curses to open a gate?”

“I didn’t know about that either. You really helped us.”

“In any case, the rest is up to you.”

“Of course.”


I was tired and decided to get some sleep.

But before doing that, I had to tell him something just in case.


“A beastkin Adventurer called Shia knows who I am.”

“Hmm. I understand.”

“I told her to come here or the Adventurers guild if she ever needed my help.”

“Very well. I will tell the gatekeeper about it.”

“Thank you.”


And then I opened the door in order to go up to my room.




There was a girl standing there.

Goran said to her:


“Serulis. You’re back. Just in time too. Come over…”



The girl named Serulis ran away without saying anything.

Goran saw this and sighed.


“Sorry about that. I wanted to introduce you.”

“No, don’t mention it…”

“That’s my daughter.”

“Now that I think of it, you did say something about having a 5-year-old daughter 10 years ago?”

“That’s right. She’s been causing a commotion lately about wanting to be an Adventurer… Perhaps she’s entered her rebellious phase, because she won’t even talk to me anymore.”


Goran poured more wine into his cup.


“Should you be drinking so much?”

“I know. As for Serulis, she has the combat abilities of a B Rank Adventurer.”

Goran himself was an S Rank, so his opinion on it was likely to be correct.

So she was a first-rate Adventurer like Shia. Having a B Rank at 15 was impressive.

But perhaps it was no surprise since she was Goran’s daughter.


“But even if she can fight, she is still a child. I think it is too early for her to become an Adventurer.”



I felt like he was being overly protective, but she was his only daughter. It could not be helped.


“Serulis refuses to talk with me ever since I opposed her decision.”

“That’s harsh.”


Being a parent seemed like a lot of work.

I never had children myself, so I could only imagine what it was like.

But I sympathized with him a little.


“By the way, I never met your wife.”

“She’s been in the neighboring country for work since last month.”

“I see.”


Goran told me.


“If things continue like this, she will probably ignore me and go and register anyway.”

“You must be worried.”


At 15, you no longer need your parents’ permission to register as an Adventurer.

Even if he was the Grand Master, rejecting his daughter’s desire to register would be considered the mixing of public and private affairs.


“There is no stopping Serulis. But if you ever see her, I want you to look after her while you can.”

“I see.”

“Of course, you are too different in terms of abilities. But I can’t ask anyone else to do this.”

“I don’t mind. If there is ever an opportunity, I will do what I can.”


I said, and Goran looked a little relieved.

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    • Reminded me.if that chapter from the manga about an SNS board for active and retired heroes.
      One hero had to kill about 100 or 1000 demon lords one after another in an endless journey.

      • That was a harsh one. Especially since that was just the whim of the gods if I remember that story? Do you know if they have a LN for that cause I read the manga and tried to look for a LN.

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