Tensei Kenja – 61

The Dragon Was Quite Tough


The dragon was just burning everything around it without targeting anyone.

I didn’t know why it was doing such a thing, but it almost looked like the dragon was getting stronger every time it burned an area.

What if those flames were forcefully drawing energy from the earth and trees?


‘Let’s finish this before the dragon notices us!’




I didn’t know how long this situation would last.

And so I rushed towards the dragon without slowing down.


The closer we got, the more powerful the dragon’s breath became.

However, the ‘Magic Transfer Barriers’ that the 10 slimes kept creating, shielded us from all of it.


And then—we arrived. We were now under the dragon.

It was floating up in the sky, nearly 50 meters above my head.


‘Yuji. Can you fly?’


‘No. If there is any magic that I can use…it’s this. … ‘Jump Boost.’”


And so I used magic called ‘Jump Boost’ and lept into the air.

As the name indicated, it boosted your ability to jump.

And just when I was about to lose momentum, I created an ‘anti-physical barrier’ below me to land on.


I was able to rise about 5 meters with every jump.


This was not very efficient, but I really had no other way to do it.


After coming to this world, I had encountered slimes in an abandoned shack full of magic books.

All of the magic I had now was from those books.


And there were so many books.

Even I didn’t know just how much magic I had.


However, magic to fly… Or even, magic to reach high places… Well, it was almost shocking how little I had.

Among them, this ‘Jump Boost’ was the most decent.


Jump Boost allowed me to leap forward dozens of meters on flat ground, but it wasn’t exactly suited for flying upwards.

Did the person who left all of those books hate the sky?

I wanted magic books that would allow me to fly, but apparently, they were incredibly rare in this world.


–While thinking about this, I continued to jump off of barriers and raise my altitude.

As I was waiting for the right time, the dragon did not attack me as I jumped.


And then finally–I reached the same height as the Blue Dragon of Delight.

And yet, the dragon still didn’t react to our presence.


And so I stabbed the Shortsword of Keshis into its head and chanted.


‘—Hellfire of Death!’


When I was finished, the tip of the sword grew red with heat, and flames began to burst from the blade.


It looked like normal fire, but this had all the power of Hellfire of Death. Magic that could destroy one-hundred square meters of land in a second.

My ‘Anti-heat Barrier’ had protected me from even feeling the warmth from the dragon’s breath, but I could feel intense heat now.


And it was these flames that easily shredded the dragon’s skin and boiled the wounds.

The armor that resisted the flames of Hellfire of Death melted away like ice when the flames came through the sword.


And when about 80% of the dragon’s head was ravaged, the force of Hellfire of Death began to die down.

I was sure that this was a fatal wound, but I didn’t let my guard down.


My MP was already below 0, but I would probably be able to use Hellfire of Death one more time.

It was with this thought that I tried to use Hellfire of Death once again before the effect died off.


‘Hellfire of—’


However, just as I was about to activate it—my vision suddenly turned red.

In the next instant, I could hear the barriers being torn apart as I was thrown into the air.


As my sight had been taken from me, I had no idea what was happening.

Even the senses of the slimes and the magic around me was so unstable that I could not make sense of any of it.


…And then a few seconds passed.

I felt that I was being thrown onto the ground, and at the same time, I finally understood what was happening around me.


The dragon was above me in the sky, about 1 kilometer away.

So that meant I had been blown away for a whole kilometer.

While it was just one hit, I didn’t know what kind of attack it had been.


As for my numerous barriers, only one remained.

I would have to set them up again.


And since I had no MP left, I could feel my HP dwindle with every new barrier I made.

It seemed really odd having to sacrifice your HP in order to protect yourself.


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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