Tensei Kenja – 27

The Situation Was Dangerous


“Yuji. I would like for you to monitor the monsters.”




“Aye. You are a rare B-rank Scout. And while you are still a newcomer, you should still be much more capable than the average Adventurer when it comes to watching the movements of monsters.”


Monitoring monsters.

Well, it did seem like it would be easy enough if I just randomly sent some slimes out to watch their movements.



“That’s all you want me to do?”


That was just one of many things that my slimes were capable of doing.

If that was all I had to do, I would probably get bored.


“All? You do realize that it won’t be like watching your tent during the test? In fact, you will be monitoring groups of monsters whose movements are unpredictable.”


“But I’ll just be monitoring a group while hiding and waiting for one of them to move, right? So that just means I need to scatter my slimes around and it’s finished?”


So saying, I made my slimes separate from each other.

I had about eighty of them when I first came to this town, but thanks to the Dryad’s forest, I now had one hundred.


“What…how do you have so many?”


“Uh…they’re just about one hundred.”


“You really tamed all of them?”




Though, I kind of hoped that news of this wouldn’t spread too much… But this was an emergency.

It would be the worst if hiding my powers resulted in more casualties.


“We-well, you are right about the numbers… However, that won’t mean much if they can’t contact you!”


“But I can contact my tamed monsters from far away?”


The manager heard this and tilted his head doubtfully.


“Well, there are some Tamers who can talk to monsters, yes, but I am sure it is quite impossible to talk to them over a long distance…”



…Now I was getting worried.

I would test it then.


‘Team Dryad. Can you hear me?’


‘What is it?’


‘Uh, nothing. I just wanted to test to see if I could really talk to you.’




I tried talking to the slimes that I had left with the Dryad, and they replied very quickly.

So it did work after all.


“It seems like I really can talk to them from far away.”


“…But, I don’t even think B-rank Scouts should be able to… In any case, you are saying that with this, you can monitor a wide area by yourself?”


“Yeah. And—wait a second.”


As we were talking, a slime suddenly contacted me.


‘Yuji. Do you know about the magic stone?’


‘Magic stone?’


‘Yes. Like the one you destroyed. There was another one in a different place.’


‘The Dryad said so!’


‘She said she is fine because it’s out of her domain. But it’s dangerous!’


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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  1. Now then, considering the start of the isekai adventure in this novel, and many events so far, I can conclude that the smartest and useful characters are the slimes. Rimuru would be proud of them 😀

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