Tensei Kenja – 51

This Isn’t What I Was Told


“This feels quite different from usual, doesn’t it?”


Tina muttered as we continued through the valley.


“It does?”


“I have come here a few times before. But it’s way too quiet now.”


“Maybe it’s because the slimes killed so many monsters? There were more monsters in here than there were in the forest.”


I had sent the Proud Wolf ahead to ensure that it was safe. And they had killed all the monsters nearby while they were at it.

And there were more here than in the forest.


No strong monster had appeared yet, but I assumed that there would still be some weaker ones.

And yet…


“Is that true? There were more here than in the forest?”


“Yeah. At least, within the area that the slimes were scouting in. Not that it was that much more than in the forest.”


“That’s strange… There are usually much fewer monsters in the Delight Valley… Yuji. Could you stop killing monsters for a little while?”




So saying, I sent the order to the slimes and the Proud Wolf.


‘Stop for now and come back to us. I want to see something.’






And so they returned to us.

After a short while, monsters started to appear in front of us little by little.


“Woah, that’s a lot…”


“It’s just like the forest. This is strange…”


Tina and Lisa muttered to each other as they watched.

According to them, the Delight Valley was under unusual conditions.


“Should we turn back and go by a different route?”


“No, that will be very difficult. It seems that the dragon is staying near the entrance of the valley. It’ll be too dangerous to go back unless it moves.”


“…What a terrible position to take… In that case, there is only one thing we can do.”




“Rush through the Delight Valley as quickly as possible and pray that nothing happens!”


…That wasn’t much of a plan.

Well, it wasn’t like I had an alternative.




“Got it!”


Tensei Kenja no Isekai Raifu ~Daini no Shokugyo wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita

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