Tensei Kenja – 51


And like that, we decided to rush through the valley as quickly as possible. Oh, and while praying.

However…it did not take long for a problem to occur.


‘Yuji! A monster!’


‘It looks stronger than the last one!’


A slime said as it looked towards the monster.

It looked like a Red Bear.

It was not…difficult to kill. I think it was considered to be C-Rank back at the guild.


But according to the guild’s information, the Delight Valley wasn’t supposed to have monsters over C-Rank.

…Maybe I should just check.

And so I used the slime to launch an attack.


‘Magic Transfer–Fireball!’


I chanted. Then a Fireball shot towards the Red Bear and burned it.

Apparently, I could kill it in one hit.

‘Fireball’ used a lot more MP than ‘Weak Fireball,’ but the damage was so much stronger.


‘Now bring the monster you just killed over here.’




And so the Proud Wolf and slimes dragged the body back to us.

I pointed at it and asked Tina.


“Is this monster really C-Rank then?”


Tina looked at the bear-like corpse.

She replied immediately.


“A C-Rank Red Bear, huh. …Did you kill it in this valley?”




Tina had said that stronger monsters didn’t come here because it was uncomfortable for them.

A C-Rank and above had not entered the valley for 100 years, so it must have been quite bad.


However, it wasn’t as if there were an actual barrier that kept them out.

If they had a good enough reason to, strong monsters could still enter.


The problem was figuring out the reason…maybe it was related to why the sky suddenly became strangely dark.

As I thought about this…I heard the voice of the slimes.




‘The Earth Dragon is here!’


…Are you serious?

We had searched for it all this time, and then it suddenly appeared here.


And it was the worst possible place. The Earth Dragon seemed to be rushing straight towards us now.

Of course, the entrance was still being blocked by the mystery dragon.

…We had no choice but to fight.

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  1. Hm, dragon sandwich, but the buns are dragons, the inner stuff is more human-ish and slime-ish, with a pinch of wolf, and other monsters, some roasted 😉

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