Jack of all Trades – 188

Asagi’s Mistake and Asagi’s Spear


The next morning, I woke up on the fifth and a halfth floor of the Forest Tree inn. I looked around dazedly to confirm that I had made it back safely. Daniela was lying next to me with her stomach showing, and so I put a blanket over her.

The effects of the alcohol were gone, but the fatigue from the previous night still remained. I tiredly trudged down the stairs and to the bathing room.


After enjoying dinner and drinks at the Flower Lantern, Nanaya decided that we must go to a host club. It was news to me that such places even existed here, and I wasn’t too enthusiastic about going myself, but it ended up being fun enough.

It was pretty funny. I had been surrounded in hosts. Of course, this was because they wanted to hear the tales of an Adventurer with an alias. I had joked about how they were slacking off, but the drinks got the better of me. They knew how to stroke a person’s ego, and Daniela, Nanaya and Aeneus encouraged me. And so I told them, all the while gesturing and enacting like some kind of movie star. It turned out to be a lot of fun, and we partied until morning.


Then Daniela and I had stumbled our way back to the inn. As I was barely aware of anything then, I was quite relieved to see we had arrived safely now.


“Haahhhh…my throat…”


I muttered as I got out of the bathtub and dried myself. I had no one to blame but myself, but still, one liked to complain.


When I finished dressing and went out into the main room, Daniela was walking down the stairs.





Her eyes were barely open as she rubbed them. Her voice sounded almost lifeless. But I always thought it was cute to see her so unguarded and a mess. She was wearing some oversized pajamas she had bought, and her hands looked very small as they peeked out from the sleeves.


“The water’s still hot, so you should get in.”



Daniela muttered as she went to the bathing room. I collapsed onto the sofa. The sun was already high in the sky, evidence that we had slept for much too long.


“It’s our sixth day then…”


I was already starting to feel regret over the fact that we’d be leaving in a week. That being said, a week was enough to see the town. I tried to think of it positively, but it was me who had wasted the first five days.


Now, what to do today? I wanted to see the town, but it wasn’t exactly a place for tourists. Daniela had solved her clothing problem in Usk. So had I. And we would be buying the armor in the capital. Even if there was a place that could handle dragon materials here, one week would not be enough to finish the order. My armor had already been made, so it didn’t take any time. But it would be different if it was from scratch. Though, I wasn’t sure how long. Maybe a month?


“Ah, now that I think of it…”


Yes, yes. The Automata was still in my bag. Maybe I should check up on it.


I grabbed the hollow bag, which I had left by the bed, and took out the Automata after shoving my arm through the opening. The face still looked perfectly crafted, as did the body. It was mathematical, almost. It would be hard to find a flaw.

I was impressed all over again. The skin felt like real skin and the flesh itself was soft where it should be and hard where there would be bones. The muscles around the stomach seemed especially realistic. Yes, the ancient elves were definitely perverts.

But most impressive was the details of the parts that would make it difficult for any healthy young lad to stay uncorrupted. This thing had been missing a core for years. It was an Automata that had existed for who knows how long, and yet it gently enveloped my finger; sucking slowly. It was almost like Daniela.


“Maybe we shouldn’t sell it…”


But it was five thousand pieces of gold. We would be able to live comfortably for the rest of our lives with that much money.


“Hmm…quite the dilemma…”

“What is?”

“Getting rid of…oh.”

“I see. So that is how you feel. I envy your ability.”


Daniela said with an icy smile as she looked at me and the Automata.


“Uh…it’s not…”

“You do not have to explain. It is perfectly apparent.”

“No. Let me!”

“It is not necessary. I have eyes.”



In the end, I spent the entire sixth day winning her back. After that, I wanted nothing more than to convert that horrible thing into gold.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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    • Glad I am not the only one getting irritated by her. She acts like some ojousan who has never been told no, and it is really annoying. She is supposed to have been an adventurer? First, can we get her to be an adult??

  1. I want to hear more about the hostess club…if I was asagi he deserves to have a bit of fun with other girls with everything Dani has put him through

  2. If she didn’t act jealous, then I would find it weird too unless her thing is allowing mc to have a harem. To make an analogy, imagine your girlfriend or wife getting a male sex doll with dildo. Ego will bleed rapidly from that while libido is shot down to hell and etc…

  3. Bro is he ever at least going to turn the thing on? How careless, what if it’s super strong and can carry extra weapons or bags for them…

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