Jack of all Trades – 31

Future Directions

I thought hard about it the whole night but was unable to reach a conclusion. If I could get by without ever using it, then that was fine. Or so I started to think as I shook my tired head and gazed out of the window with uncertainty. It had been sunny for the past few days, but now the sky was covered in a thick cloud. I slowly open the window, and the air smells of rain. We wouldn’t be able to go out to the forest today…

There was no point in moping in my room, so I got changed and washed my tired face before going down to the dining hall. There were several other customers down here, but Daniela was nowhere to be seen. Well, it would probably take a little longer for her to get up. I might as well eat first.

“Excuse me, could I get one breakfast set.”
“Yes. Coming right up.”

I hear the answer of the cook coming from deep within the kitchen, then I take a seat close to the window where I always eat. I pour myself some water and drink. A deep sigh escapes me. There just was no strength in me today and I ended up resting my head on the table.

What was I supposed to do going forward? What did I even want to do in the first place? I think. I don’t know why I was even in this world. It was not as if I had been ordered to do anything. Not that I had any desire to return to the previous world at this point. In spite of everything, this world was great fun for me. I couldn’t go back to my night shift.
I could carry on and be carefree if I were going solo, but now I was with Daniela. It was not as if I didn’t like being with her, but it changed things a lot when you moved as a team… Hmm, then the question really was, what did Daniela want to do?
Daniela, who had lost her homeland by a stampede of dragons. What was the reason that she had set out to travel?
Perhaps it was a journey of revenge. Perhaps it was a journey with no destination or goal. I would have to ask her once she woke up.

As I gazed out the window, seeing nothing in particular, I hear a voice call my name.

“Where’s Asagi, who ordered the breakfast set?”
“Ah, yes. Right here.

I looked up and raised my hand.

“Here you go. The breakfast set.”
“Thank you.”
“You’re welcome. Please enjoy.”

The cook smiled gently and bowed before returning to the kitchen. Well, I better eat while it is still warm. Today’s menu was scrambled eggs, fried bacon, and bread. There was also a tomato based soup with lots of vegetables. Everything looked really good. In fact, most of the food in this town was of high quality. The bar at the guild, the street stalls, this inn.
First, I drink the soup. It has just the right amount of sourness to really sink into my tired body. The vegetables were nice and crunchy with the perfect texture. Next was the scrambled eggs. The fluffy eggs were sweet and melted in your mouth. They had enough salt on them to further your appetite. Then I quickly bite into the bacon. As my teeth grind against the crispy surface, the inner juices of the meat flow over my tongue. This was the kind of food that men liked. It reminded me of an American barbecue. After my mouth is thick with the grease of bacon, I wash it away with the soup. This was bliss. The bread was soft like a cushion. I tear it up and it is white inside. The broken pieces go into my mouth. The texture and rich smell fill me with happiness. Then my eyes catch the bowl of soup. Ahh, this was awkward. But I couldn’t resist. I know I shouldn’t do it. But there wasn’t a shred of rationality in my actions now. In my heart, there was something repeatedly screaming at me to stop as I dunked the bread into the soup. The pure white bread is ravished by the red brew. I gulp as I see the liquid drip from the bread. Then I chuck the whole thing into my widened mouth. And I bite. My eyes close tightly. No-nooo! I couldn’t even process it…! It was sooooooo delicious!

“What are you doing…? You’ve been quite revolting….”

I open my eyes and see Daniela looking down at me with an expression full of distaste.

“Good morning, Daniela. Food’s pretty good.”
“Good morning, Asagi. Eat like a normal person.”

What did she mean? I’m quite sure that I was? I stared back at her in retaliation but quickly lost to her glare.

After that, she ordered the same set that I did and we ate together. It really was a good meal, though.

“By the way, Daniela.”
“What is it?”
“What do we do now?”


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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  1. ” I know I shouldn’t do it. But there wasn’t a shred of rationality in my actions now. In my heart, there was something repeatedly screaming at me to stop as I dunked the bread into the soup. ”

    Eh? What’s wrong with dunking your bread in tomato soup?

    • Ikr? He is treating tomato soup as some kind of ramen. Like dude, bread being dipped in soup is pretty common out there. pretty much all the western foods out there has a combination of tomatoes and bread. Pizza is literally a tomato paste on bread. Sandwiches and burgers have tomatoes on them. The author needs to be educated on western cuisine more. Dipping bread on a sauce is not something to disgust

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