Jack of all Trades – 146

Farewell, Dana Village


We spent that night at Yis’s house again. As we were all exhausted, we quickly ate some of the street stall food I took out, then bathed and went to bed. Both Daniela and I were tired from the work of the day. On top of that, I had used up so much magic, that I fell into a deep sleep until morning.

When we awoke, Yis had prepared breakfast for us. It was scrambled eggs, fried bacon and baked bread. Simple but it made the most of the ingredients. And sometimes, that was the best. It was definitely something to take note of.


“Thank you. That was delicious.”

“That’s a relief. I wish you could eat more…but I believe you are leaving?”


Yis said as we were drinking some coffee. I was surprised that coffee even existed in this place. I had not had caffeine in so long…but it was apparently a popular drink near the imperial capital.

And so I savored my first cup in ages.


“…Yeah. We’ve bothered you for two days already.”

“I really do not mind. But I suppose that’s a different matter.”


He said with a laugh. That made me happy. It always did. But we were traveling. Daniela and I intended to travel the world. We couldn’t stop halfway down the road.


“Thank you. You’ve been a great help to us.”

“These past few days have been very good. Thank you.”


Daniela and I bowed. Yis was scratching his cheek as if a little embarrassed by all of this. But Mido and Marco looked sad as they looked at the ground. I patted them both on the head and they raised their heads and smiled.


“By the way, Mido. I heard from Mister Yis that you and Marco came to this village together?”

“Yes, we did. I don’t remember it at all, but Marco led me all the way here. We’ve lived with Yis ever since.”

“I see. I see. That was very smart, Marco.”


Marco barked happily as I scratched him. On close inspection, the forest wolf’s eyes were a fiery red. Forest wolves usually had brown eyes… Perhaps that was the difference between them. Interesting creatures…these monsters.


“Mido. We’re going to leave now. You and Marco take care.”

“Yes…you too Asagi. And Daniela!”

“Aye. Goodbye Mido. Eat a lot and grow tall.”

“I will!”



Mido said cheerfully as he hugged his wolf. I could only imagine what had happened to him up until he arrived in this village. And I hoped it would all turn out well.


“Regar has been holding onto the lesser wyvern materials for you. Go and collect them before you leave.”

“Yes, of course.”


I had to collect them. It was being given to use as a form of gratitude from the people here. Yes…maybe I would have matching necklaces made for Daniela and me once we reached a big city…that’s a great idea.


“Also, one warning.”


Yis suddenly looked very serious as he looked at us and continued.


“There is one town that you will most certainly have to pass when heading towards the imperial capital. Unlike this village, it can be quite dangerous. You should be careful.”

“Is that right… Things were pretty safe for us up until now. That makes me a little anxious.”

“It is unusual for the empire… That is one place where the military seems to lack control. A town of shadows. So be on your guard.”

“Yes, I understand.”


That was a little worrying… But as long as we knew beforehand, it should be alright. We would be prepared for possible trouble.


After that, Daniela and I returned to our room to prepare for our journey. I put on my armor and carried our belongings outside so we could lightly clean up the room. Just a small show of gratitude. I was glad once again that I had bought a broom.

Once that was done, the only thing left was to leave.


“Well, we’ll be going now. Thanks for everything.”

“Thank you.”

“Be careful. And if you ever find yourselves near us again, do stop by and say hello.”

“Yeah, of course. See you, Mido, Marco.”

“Yes, see you again!”



We shook hands and hugged and said our goodbyes. There was a little regret, but we had promised to meet again. So I wasn’t sad.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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