Jack of all Trades – 146


And so we left Yis’s house and headed for the farm. The fences were still broken, but they had been temporarily mended, it seemed. Perhaps the lesser wyvern blood had evaporated or returned to the earth, because I didn’t see any red anywhere. Regar’s house was next to the farm, and he immediately answered and opened the door when I knocked. He stood there with a big smile on his face.


“Ah, you sure kept me waiting! But I won’t do the same to you two. Here are the materials. Take ‘em!”


There were three large bundles next to the door. Wings, scales, hide etcetera.


“Thank you. We’ll take good care of it.”

“No, no, no. Don’t take care of it. You’re much better off selling it as soon as you get the chance!”


He said with a laugh. He was very kind to offer such advice even as we were leaving.

Daniela picked up the bundles as I opened the hollow bag. It looked like they were being sucked into it. We repeated this three times and then we were done.


“Well, well, well. That is convenient. And pretty expensive too, I wager?”

“I’m not quite sure? It was a gift, you see.”

“Ah, indeed.”


Regar stared at the bag thoughtfully.


“And that is a cute doll. Did you make it?”

“That was also a gift. It was from the grandchild of a village chief who helped us out before.”


I touched the small figure that Merica had given me. I always felt better when I looked at it.


“Hehe. It seems that many people are fond of you.”

“Many people are too kind.”

“Hahaha. Well, perhaps they see something that you don’t. In any case, even I am sad that you are leaving. However, I know better than to try and stop someone who is traveling.”


Regar put his hands on my shoulders and embraced me.


“See you around, Asagi. And you too, Miss Daniela!”


He gave Daniela a hug and then waved his hand.


“Take care, Mister Regar!”

“Let us meet again.”


We waved goodbye and then left. It really was a nice town. They were sad to see a pair of Adventurers leave after only staying for three days.

As we walked through the village towards the east, people stopped working to wave at us. All of them were smiling. By the time we were out of the village, I was almost ready to cry.


“I’ve been feeling way too sentimental recently…maybe I’m getting old.”

“Asagi, you know very well that we do not talk about age.”


  □   □   □   □


We headed east after leaving the village. There was supposed to be a wide river that was a two days walk from us. The town we were headed towards was by this river. Of course, this was all according to Daniela’s information.


“It must be the town that Yis was talking about. You cannot cross this river without going through the town.”

“Hmmm… A rare and dangerous town within the empire, huh? …And what’s it called?”

“Uh…I believe it was called the Riverside Town of Nicora.”

“Riverside Town…Nicora…”


It was a pretty name. But it was apparently the worst… I didn’t really want to go, but we had no choice… We would just have to be careful.


“Well, we have two days if we take our time walking. That will leave us plenty of time to be prepared. We can talk about how we will handle things on the way.”

“Indeed. This will be my chance to shine. Prudence. Providing is preventing. Prevention is better than a cure. I’m the master of all those things.”

“Aye, I will be counting on you then.”


Daniela’s career as a traveler dwarfed my own. But this was my moment. After all, I worked the night shift every night without knowing if there ever would be a robbery. I was sensitive to danger. But then again, I have a history of getting stabbed, so maybe I wasn’t the most trustworthy. Asagi Kamiyashiro. The sad, night-shift, Adventurer.

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  1. “I’ve been feeling way too sentimental recently…maybe I’m getting old.”

    Lol so this is why jawbrie say this on previous chapter

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  2. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    I wonder why that particular town is dangerous. Bandits? Necromancers? Corrupt Lord?

  3. What was the hollow bag again? Was it a satchel type? Crossbody? Sling bag? Or a simple pouch type? All i remember was that is was vintage LOL

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