10 Years After – 100

Nia and Shia and Serulis and the Room


Nia’s eyes shone brightly as she was accepted as an apprentice.

She was probably excited about her new life as an Adventurer.

As a veteran, I decided to give her some advice.


“Nia. The occupation of an Adventurer is a dangerous one.”

“I will keep that in mind!”


Nia replied cheerfully, showing just how little she understood.

However, that was usually the case. You had to face actual danger in order to understand it.

It was like that for me and it must have been the same for Shia.

No amount of advice would have much meaning until then.

Still, I felt I had to say it.


“Your life is more important than anything. It’s important to run when necessary.”


“And you must listen to everything that Shia tells you.”



I was worried. She was only eight. That was so young.

Maybe it was according to the beastkin tribe’s custom. But it was scary.


“Did you also become an Adventurer at eight, Shia?”

“That is correct.”

“Were you always paired with your father?”

“I did pair with him, but most of the time, I was in a party.”

“…I see…”


Shia then turned to Serulis and bowed.


“Wha-what is it, Shia?”

“I now have to take care of my younger sister. I will not be able to go on quests with you like before.”


Shia and Serulis had become quite close.

And they had been adventuring together.


When it came to experience on the field, there was a large gap between Shia and Serulis.

However, in terms of ability as warriors, they were mostly the same. They were a good team.


Serulis heard Shia’s words and her face darkened.


“Are you saying that I’d get in your way?”

“No. That’s not it.”

“So, because you’re taking care of Nia, you can’t take care of me anymore…”

“No, that’s not what I meant. If I take Nia, we will mostly just be hunting demon rats and goblins.”

“And what’s wrong with that?”

“Serulis, you have to keep raising your rank as an Adventurer. You can’t afford to waste your time with us.”


Serulis looked at Shia seriously.


“If you think I’m just going to slow you two down, just say it.”

“I promise you, that’s not the case.”




With this, Serulis finally smiled.


“I don’t mind, then. All three of us can go, can’t we? You said yourself that you were in a party at first?”

“That’s true… But you know that we’ll mostly be hunting demon rats?”

“I don’t mind.”

“But…that would be a waste. You broke the record of being the fastest person to rise to Rank-E in ten years…”

“Shia. Don’t underestimate me. I am not interested in those records.”

“I want to become stronger.”


And then Serulis looked at me.


“Just look at Mister Locke. He’s only an F-Ranker but he’s so strong.”

“Well, Mister Locke is…special…fraud…I mean…yes.”


I was actually S-Rank, so it was fraud.


“In any case, if it won’t inconvenience you, I would like to join you two.”

“…If we can go adventuring with you, that would actually make me very happy.”

“Miss Serulis, thank you.”


Shia and Nia bowed.


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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  1. I think the author must have made an error here with Serulis. She saw Ruck’s full adventure card with his actual Name and Rank. So, should be well aware of it and not think he’s only an F-Rank.

    • Serulis knows his real rank. Shia does not. Shia is aware that he is stronger than a normal F rank and that he used advanced magic, but he explained that as experience he can’t talk about so proper manners meant subject closed.

      He is careful to avoid magic with Arios and Josh so they are convinced that he is an assassin and swordsman 😺

      Milka doesn’t know that Ruck is weird, he is Ruck who treats the King as an old drinking buddy, casts advanced magic and pretends to be a swordsman. Nothing weird about him at all 😹

      It is Shia saying look at Ruck and Serulis who called him a fraud. That exchange was a bit confusing.

      • Shia may not know his rank but she does know that he’s the hero Ruck and that his skills are as strong as the hero king Eric and guild master Goran.

        I think it’s mostly minor details that the author may be forgetting when introducing new characters and interacting to keep them together.

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