Jack of all Trades – 188


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It was now the seventh day. I woke up in the morning as tired as ever. On the other hand, Daniela walked indifferently to the bathing room, not bothering to cover herself in the least. It was my own fault that I was tired, but I still didn’t want it to show, and so I ran after her and we bathed together.


Then we ate breakfast and prepared to leave.


“We can look for a weapon for you today, Asagi.”


Daniela had suggested when we were in the bathtub. I tilted my head in puzzlement as I looked at her from the other side of the tub. But then I remembered that I had been about to switch to a spear as my main weapon. But that spear had gone back to its owner, leaving me spearless again. No, there was that short spear I had from before, and another one from the ancient elven ruins, but they were too advanced for starter weapons. I didn’t want to be annihilating enemies with every twitch before I had really learned the basics. I wanted actual experience and knowledge.

Well, I did have a shortcut to it all with Jack of all Trades, Master of None. But it did not allow me to use weapons perfectly. It was like half a cheat. And I didn’t mind.


“I am ready to go now.”


I said vapidly as I got up from the sofa. Daniela came down from floor 5.5 wearing a one piece and shorts. Clean yet sporty. Cute yet cool. Daniela could model anything.


“You look at me too much. It is embarrassing.”

“I want to burn your image into my brain…”



Daniela looked away, but her cheeks were flushed.


We left the inn and headed for the sword-shaped building we had seen from our window. It felt like a date, since we bought food to eat on the way as we walked. The sky overhead was a clear blue. It had been raining horribly the day we first came, and so it seemed that it shifted heavily in either direction in these regions.


I thought about such things until the sword-shaped building came into view. But then again, the other buildings close by also took the shape of swords.


“Hmmm…which one?”

“In these cases, usually the oldest building has the best stuff.”


We followed my reliably faulty intuition and looked for the oldest of the buildings. But then again, just because a place has a long history, didn’t mean they would never renovate. And so my advice was of no use, and we just entered a store that happened to have a lot of spear on display.



“Yes, yes.”


The sounds of clanging metal rang throughout the shop. This place was both a smithy and store, it seemed. Kind of like those restaurants where you could see them grilling the meat in the kitchen.


“I want to buy a spear. Have any recommendations?”

“One moment please! Master! A spear!”


The apprentice shouted. Then the sounds of clanging metal subsided.


“There’s no need to shout so loud…I can hear ya.”

“Master. The customer says he wants a spear.”

“I heard you the first time…”


I had assumed that the entire species of blacksmiths consisted of big boned skinheads, but the one I saw here looked like an ordinary young man.

Yes, a young man. Not old. And yet he was the master of this place. Quite impressive.


“You…you’re the one who wants the spear?”

“Yes. I want to learn to wield one.”

“…Looking at you, I don’t see why you need to use a spear at all?”


How did he know? Could he figure out my stats by just looking at me?


“I want to be able to use a large variety of weapons.”

“They call such people Jacks of all trades and masters of none… But, well, perhaps you’re safe there. Come then. I’ll show you a spear.”


The young man chuckled and then indicated towards the back with his jaw. I don’t know why, but he seemed amused by all of this. His apprentice also seemed surprised, so it must have been a rare thing.

Well, if he was keen on it, then good. I looked at Daniela and she nodded. Then we followed after him.

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