Jack of all Trades – 322

Food, Bath, and Daniela


Our dinner continued pleasantly after that. Everything Daniela ordered looked great, and I would often follow her lead. And of course, there was a lot of drinking. A lot. We were soon stuffed.

As it had been a while since Miss Nanaya had last seen us, she drank a lot too and was in high spirits. Though, it did mean that my back hurt a lot.

However, our time was limited. It was nearly midnight. I glanced towards Daniela with a look that suggested that we should leave soon. Daniela shook her head.


“I have not eaten enough.”

“How much do you intend on eating…”

The ravenous elf would eat to her limits once again. She wasn’t even close to being finished yet.

“Well, Miss Nanaya seems like she’s finished…”


“Mm…ehehehe…huh…Asagi…there are two of you…”

She was clearly very drunk. Her eyes weren’t focused and she could barely stand.

Why did she have to drink so much…

“Her clothes are looking loose. Asagi, turn the other way.”

“Yeah. Yeah.”

She was sprawled on the counter like a limp fish. The other Adventurers turned to look at us. These guys…



I glared back and they looked away. The Adventurers who had caused the brawl incident were not here. But clearly these people knew who we were. The names Silvergreen and Lightwind would not be forgotten so easily.

“…Alright. Now, we will leave her to Kiralika and go.”

“I’ll go call him then.”

I didn’t really care for the Guild Master, who was a peach-haired elven youth, but we couldn’t just leave Miss Nanaya here. Besides, we always intended on making him deal with her.

I put the money on the counter that would pay for all three of us, and then I left the bar and called to one of the guild workers at the closest counter.

“Excuse me. Is the Guild Master around?”

“Uh, yes… He is working.”

“Well, Miss Nanaya is a bit too drunk for us to be able to deal with, so we kind of need his help.”

“Very well. I will let him know. …Hah…damn her…”

The guild worker grumbled on the way to the Guild Master’s office. I suppose this happened often…

After a while, I could see a pink head moving behind the counter. Perhaps he had had a lot of work, because he looked quite tired as he headed towards the bar. He…she? Sometimes I wasn’t sure. But his appearance was the same as before. I waved in his direction.

“Sorry to disturb you at a time like this.”

“I see… Ha… You know, she is quite brilliant at her job, but in other aspects…”

“I get you.”

“Hmm… Still, it’s been a while since I last saw you! How have you been?”

Where had the tired Guild Master gone? He had suddenly transformed.

“Uh, yeah. I’m fine. I mean, I’m sure you’ve heard everything already?”

“I sure have! I’m glad that I gave you those recommendations! You two solved the Loup-garou problem and then earned the top positions in the tournament. It’s really helped the reputation of this guild! I’m so grateful!”

“It’s nothing.”

“Stiff as always, eh…? Oh, by the way, how long will you be staying? You see, there’s a quest I’d like you to take on…”

“We’re leaving tomorrow.”

“What!? You can’t be serious!”

Damn, he was annoying! It was the Paralyze Viper, wasn’t it! Not on your life!

“What’s this now… I was so looking forward to you two getting rid of this headache… Ahhh… Well, I suppose it can’t be helped… Oh, right. Nanaya. She must be punished.”

In spite of the cute face, he had an evil grin. Well, he was a Guild Master, after all. Still, he often just looked like an evil, young girl.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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