Realist Demon King – 110

Securing a Water Source


Once we reached the fifth floor, I noticed that the walls were rougher.

Perhaps it was when they reached this area, that I invaded Sabnac’s lands.

“It brings me back to that time when you swept in and took his materials, weakening him greatly.”

Eve said as if she were nostalgic.

“I was quite desperate back then. I had no shame when it came to my methods.”

“You act as if you are a very noble Demon King now.”

Ryoma chided.

“Indeed. If anything, I have gotten so much worse, that my old self might as well be a saint.”

“Well, we merchants are not much different from Demon Kings. All we do is move products others have made from the right to the left. As for you, you allocate taxes, soldiers, supplies. Everything just moves from one place to another.”

“Well, I do try and be fair.”

“As do I. Customers are important. Selling quality goods at the appropriate price. And you offer the best government I suppose. We are the same.”

It was an interesting view. And perhaps she had a point.

She might be good as an administrator or viceroy.

I felt as if I could trust her with such an important position, but before I could say anything, the entrance to the sixth floor came into view.

There were no stone tiles or lights at this point. It was a natural cave.

“We’re almost at the floor where he is supposed to be.”

I muttered, and Ryoma nodded.

“Things have gone smoothly so far. We defeated some guardians. But we don’t know what we’ll encounter on the sixth floor. I think that it would be best to rest here.”

Everyone agreed with this suggestion.

I had camped outdoors many times, but caves were rare.

The last time I had done it was probably when searching for Fuma Kotaro’s drifted relic.

That cave had been under a lake, and there was plenty of water. So we didn’t have to worry about that. But this cave had a lot of work done by human hands. And that made things a little difficult.

There hadn’t been much water on the way.

But securing a source of water was the most important thing when camping, and so we split up into two teams and searched for water.

Unsurprising, a certain Saint took the opportunity to complain.

“I want to team up with the Demon King. It is God’s will.”

She demanded.

Eve had listened to quite a lot of Jeanne’s demands up to this point, and she had some thoughts of her own.

“Saint Jeanne. Is it your calling to be a nuisance to our Demon King? I am starting to believe that your God is an evil one.”

These were most unforgivable words for Jeanne.

“Maid. How dare you!”

She glared.

Eve glared back at her with equal intensity.

If these two were put in the same team, blood would be spilt.

I could see it now. The maid with her dagger and bloody apron.

The saint with splatters of blood on her golden hair.

They would probably attack the other and blame it on monsters that they encountered while looking for water and firewood.


The Legendary Rebuilding of a World by a Realist Demon King

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