Realist Demon King – 110


And then I would have to go and search for the body.


Well, this grim outcome was purely in my head. And so I shook it and made my decision.

I would go with Eve.

Jeanne would be with Ryoma.

However, there was one who was not happy with this decision.

And surprisingly, it was Ryoma.

“You worry too much. They are adults. Surely they understand that this is no place to cross their swords. Believe in them and send them forth.”

Well, that sounded quite reasonable too.

It’s not as if they hadn’t always been this way.

And if I constantly tried to keep them apart, things might only get worse.

So perhaps forcing them to travel together was not a bad idea, if a little sadistic.

And so I accepted the suggestion.

Of course, the two protested immediately.

“I do not want to go with this stiff-faced maid!”

“My Master, my IQ will be lowered greatly in her presence. It will affect my ability to serve you.”

They said sarcastically, but I was silent.

Then I told them that they must work together.

And my order was absolute, and so they ultimately had no choice but to accept it.

“Well, we’ll complete it as soon as possible then.”

They said angrily as they went off.

It was incredible how determined they were now.

Perhaps they really would make a great team.

Was I being optimistic?

Now, as for our team, we moved at a leisurely pace.

Now that the two annoying people were gone, -her own words-, she took my arm.

“Let’s take things easy.”

She said with a grin.

Perhaps it was she who was the slyest of us here.

Regardless, it was only after ten minutes of searching that I received a message from Jeanne through the charm I had given her.

Apparently, they had found some water.

When I told this to Ryoma, she smiled but clicked her tongue.

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  1. New waifu works fast. Managed to separate the other two from Ashta so she can have some alone time with him. Too bad that Eve and Jeanne found water fast so Ryoma wouldn’t get to be alone with Ashta for long.

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