Realist Demon King – 111

Bat Hunt


And so we had secured a place to get water.

After we collected some drinking water, we then bathed and washed our clothes.

Since none of us had washed ourselves since entering the cave, we wouldn’t have the best of smells.

Though, the others did seem to use perfume to disguise it to a degree.

I had not been so admirable, and must have smelled strongly of sweat.

And so I went to wash myself.

I went in first, as the king. And then a fight erupted over who would wash my back, and so I just summoned a familiar to do it.

It was a skeleton warrior that I had summoned through the klein bottle before.

A clattering skeleton with a sponge must have been an odd sight indeed, but thankfully, there was no one to witness it.

After that, Jeanne won a battle of rock, paper, scissors, and was the next to bathe.

She said that she didn’t care if I saw her, but I was a gentleman.

Eve went quietly when it was her turn. It was so quiet that all you could hear was the water.

This level of silence did things to one’s imagination.

As for Ryoma, she was quite loud, and never ceased to shout about how nice the water was.

While her father was from Japan, her personality was far from what you’d expect. 

Regardless, though there are many ways to bathe, everyone becomes hungry once they are cleaned and refreshed.

And so it was time to eat. However, this was a dungeon.

We were only able to bring preserved food.

Which meant we could not eat anything fancy. However, Eve did do her best.

She could turn salted bacon and sausages into something delicious.

The saltiness was used to great effect, as made pasta.

Even Ryoma, who was used to dining in fine restaurants in the city, praised it.

“Young maid. If you ever tire of working for this Demon King, you must come to my place.”

She said.

But losing such a capable maid as her would be a terrible blow. However, Eve just smiled.

“Oh, I shall be with my master, always.”

She said, making her loyalty known.

Ryoma was quite disappointed by this, but did not insist any further. Instead, she concentrated on finishing her plate of pasta.

“Still, in spite of coming this deep down, I still haven’t found any traces of my father.”

“Well, I would be more suspicious if his hair or a piece of his clothing was just lying around.”

“Is he really down here? Isn’t it possible that he has already left?”

Asked Eve.

“That is possible. But this is the only clue I have in finding him. And so I have to go to the lowest floor and search.”

Ryoma said with a sigh. I was surprised by the person who spoke up next.

Jeanne had been quite absorbed by her food, but she suddenly put her fork down and closed her eyes.

“I heard the word of God earlier. I don’t know if Sakamoto Ryoma is to be found here, but I was told that the ‘answer’ lies on the bottom floor.”

Ryoma’s eyes widened at this. She had never seen Jeanne like this before. Saintly.

“This girl with the golden hair really is a saint. She can talk with God. And she has never been wrong.”

“Oh, that is quite impressive, lady. I didn’t expect you to be real.”

Jeanne coughed loudly and puffed out her chest. And perhaps it really was something to be proud of.

I had been saved by her many times.

And I’m sure these messages she received from her god would continue to lead us.

That’s what I believed.

After that, we finished eating and went to bed.

Tomorrow would be the moment of truth. We didn’t know what we would find below, but I thought that everyone was thinking the same thing. And they did not fight over who could sleep near me.

Everyone rested quietly in order to regain their strength.

The next morning, we ate leftovers from the previous night, and then headed straight to the bottom floor.

When we arrived, we found a wasteland that was covered in sand.


The Legendary Rebuilding of a World by a Realist Demon King

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