Realist Demon King – 111


The terrain here was like that of a dessert.

The only real difference was that we weren’t being scorched by the sun.

There was even a visible ceiling above our heads, proving that we were in some kind of cavern.

But it wasn’t so dark, considering that it was the lowest floor.

There were glowing bugs on the ceiling, and they made it look like there was a starry sky over the dessert.

Still, it wasn’t quite bright enough, and so Eve took out some torches from our bags.

She wasn’t exactly a fighter, and so she accepted the role of carrying it.

I was grateful for that.

After thanking her, we started to walk through the sand.

“You seem to be very accustomed to dungeons, Demon King. I suppose you come to such places often.”

“Hardly. A king can’t spend so much time in dungeons.”

“I see.”

“This is only my second time. And I doubt I went in any during my previous life.”

“Your previous life?”


I tried not to talk about it too much. Unless it was with Eve.

Saying that I had such memories was bound to give me a reputation for being even more strange than I already was.

Ryoma was the daughter of Sakamoto Ryoma, and so she should know something about other worlds. Of course, my situation was still a little different. And I didn’t care to explain that now.

It was better to have some secrets.

Eve smiled as if she were amused. However, that was when we were attacked by the giant bats.

Giant bats were not unusual as far as dungeon monsters went. But we had not seen any on this floor.

Perhaps it was due to the lights, which created an environment that they did not like.

As I thought this, one such bat assaulted Eve.

It seemed like it wanted to be rid of this light source.

Or maybe it was attracted to it like a fly.

Regardless, it was going up against a powerful warrior, sorcerer and someone with a gun.

The great bats had no chance.

The Saint unleashed the first slash, and cut down one of the bats.

She had unsheathed the holy sword on her back and cut it right in half. And she did this as if swatting a fly.

Ryoma then shot the next one down.

While the bats were flying very fast, she was able to catch the first in the head with one shot.

There was no need for me to do anything.

One after another, the two of them took the bats down.

Jeanne killed five.

Ryoma killed three.

It was almost as if they were competing. It reminded me of a bonus stage in a game they had in that other world. I had never played it, but had read about it in a book.

In any case, there was no scoreboard here. I was almost relieved.

But then I noticed that the pile of bat corpses was still moving.

At first I wondered if Ryoma’s bullets were too weak, but it wasn’t that.

The great bats that Jeanne had killed were also wriggling

And after moving like worms, they began to combine to create a single form.

It was a scene out of some nightmare. The thing that was made of the bodies of dead bats was monstrous.

It had giant fangs, and a mouth that was open to the ears.

Both eyes were bloodshot.

The thing looked like a bull that had been enhanced with magic so that it could walk on two legs.

Drool dripped from its mouth as it glared at us.

“Wh-what is that?”

Eve was usually calm, but now her voice was shaking.

Jeanne and Ryoma looked at it sternly.

They could see that it was dangerous.

Eventually, the transformation was complete, and it roared.


It shuddered through my body.

And then I took a step forward and told them to prepare for a fight.

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